How To Wear Black Sneakers/How To Style Men’s Black Sneakers

How To Wear Black Sneakers/How To Style Men’s Black Sneakers

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  1. On point once again Style OG. I have my eye on the "Great sneakers" high top in chocolate brown for quite sometime now. I think you just made up my mind for me and yes they did say to order a 1/2 size down cause the run large. I love the all black one in the low top.

  2. Hey Jeff can u please tell me where u got the grey sweatshirt , also the shirt u are wearing in the video and the leather jacket cause I would love to get all three I love your style and how everything is so well fitted

  3. Salute

  4. How to impress the in-laws

  5. O.G what about how to dress for holiday reunions

  6. That green midTop look fire … that grey suit black sneakers nice combo OG!

  7. Thanks for the 'looks' OG. Always on point.

  8. jason nii aryeetey

    Damn…that the black James Bond

  9. I'm glad you did this video because I received a pair of black Aldo sneakers and I have never wore them.

  10. Mr Jeff I got a video request. Could you please do a video about taking your clothes to the tailor. What's the do's and don't do's? What type of services do they provide. What type of clothes to take and all of that good stuff. I have never taken a piece of clothing there. I think my Jean's and some Chinos could use some refining. I'm afraid of taking them though. Maybe a video can encourage me.

  11. Joey Kissentaner

    Great content as usual Jeff. Thanks so much for what you do.

  12. Always tasteful choice of sponsors with really great products. I've always done well with your recommendations. Cheers

  13. How to rock a hat?

  14. Second outfit is my fav.

    Nice sneakers.

    Going to get one of those.

  15. I love my white Greats and I've been eyeing the black & white ones.

  16. Yo Jeff, what about that shirt, whatcha rocking?

  17. Great video and I enjoyed it and have a blessed night

  18. Yea bro I’m glad you uploaded.. gonna start rocking some black nike Blazer mids…

  19. Orlando Santiago

    Great video OG!!

  20. Whoa…..GREAT sponsor today, Jeff!! No pun intended. That's a top notch shoe company. My gym gear is trim fit and monochromatic black head to toe. It's good look and I turn some women's heads when I'm over there jumping rope.

  21. Are they true to size,cuz I see their ads on IG and saw acouple styles I like and they make a 14? I'm reluctant to buy new brands online cuz I don't know how they are cut,quality and the hassle of sending it back if I don't like or they don't fit. I wear a 14 in Nike Af1,but I wear a 14W in Cole Haan sneakers and shoes.

  22. Thanks for this Style OG. I just got a new pair from my subscription and had no idea what to do with them.

  23. How do these sneakers fit ? I wear an 11 1/2.

  24. Ferdinand Vazquez

    OG, do "Great Royale" stay true to the size, or do you have to order a size smaller or greater? Luv them!!

  25. Love the all black sneakers with the black sole.

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