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  1. Insane Propaganda

    I dont understand the point of a collab between a basket shoe company (Jordan) and a soccer club…for me is like WTF.

  2. Dorian McCormick

    Yo bro I gotta know … did you cop rookie of the year 1’s?? I personally think they’re fire and you SHOULD grab em! We need the vid! Lmao

  3. That Vans so clean and I love its color

  4. Psg looks better than off whites…

  5. I'll be real I just think the collab doesn't seem organic. The shoe looks clean but sometimes when Jordan announced that partnership it just didn't make much sense. You have a basket ball company sponsoring a soccer club. The shoe does look clean but I just have like 30-40 shoes so I have to be more picky with what I get

  6. I love these ones. Very clean

  7. xX_epikman6969420_Xx

    Me to myself: “damn that Jordan jacket looks pretty fire I might look into that”
    “Price tag of $275”
    Me to myself: oh HELL no

  8. I would so get these since Neymar is one of my favorite players but those shoes never fit me right they kill my feet.

  9. I need to find those Vans ASAP I bet they don't have any big size 14 or 15 but I need fuck the hype beast I love what I love I'm from the old school

  10. Your channel is the only place I've seen the Vans. And, me personally, I'm still trying to get my hands on the Ying Yang Jordan 1s in black/white. Got the white pair.

  11. Vans actually does have a bunch of new models they been experimenting with running shoes. Look up the ultra range and iso they got a bunch of variations that aren’t flat soled

  12. We dont like that sneakers Eddie =(

  13. Craftsmanship made by a kid in Vietnam lol

  14. The psg collab is insane I love it but this vans thing is the worst shoe I've seen in a while

  15. Those vans look like a bootleg vans

  16. Locust&WildHoney has those VANS in black.

  17. Dope hoodie I like that

  18. Hype by beasts are whack but I think it would also help if it were a more popular team for the collaboration.

  19. The cut on those seem crazy high, it does almost look like the ultra high. Also my retail pair does not have the PSG logo on the back.

  20. Fam the Jordan 1’s are fire! Always killin the videos!

  21. It looks dope but wasn't tryna drop the money for it cuz its just all black, should've put a little more psg colors

  22. Mitch Offenbacher

    Loved the video. I love the jordan 1 and the vans. The AJ1 and Sk8-Hi are classic silhouettes, though my favourite vans are old skools & authentics. You need some Vault releases in your collection Eddie!

  23. Americans don’t care about soccer. Europeans don’t care about Jordan’s.

  24. For some reason I was not really feeling these 1s I think it's a clean solid shoe but I did not need to buy them

  25. If Jordan brand wouldn’t have sent you those ones you wouldn’t have bought them come on

  26. One thing I respect about you is the fact you buy what you like. Hype or not if it’s your style you will get it. Respect

  27. I love all the PSGxJordan collabs

  28. Eddie the instrumental king!

  29. Kirk Matthew Fairley

    Both those shoes are just kinda blah, that’s why resellers ain’t having it, lol..No money in it.

  30. I'm no where near the hemisphere of a hypebeast but i think all the PSG sneakers are boring.

  31. Hypebeasts aint about the quality tho, all they care about is collabs and flash

  32. produccionesCuaKCuaK

    Chingones los 1s

  33. thats true

  34. they ugly

  35. I passed on bc I don’t need another black Jordan 1. Also I’m a Barca fan.

  36. The PSG didn't catch my interest because:
    1. materials (not sure, no way to see before I buy)
    2. no connection to PSG/soccer
    3. too many fire 1s releasing Oct/Nov to even consider those

    On the Vans Bold Ni, I'm a huge Vans fan, but that model just doesn't interest me. They're built more like an Epoch, which I haven't loved when I tried them.

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