- in Women Sneakers


  1. Off White's are not like Yeezy's because off white makes different shoes Yeezy just made the same sneakers over and over again

  2. 350s are played. It’s all about the Calabasas, 500s and 700s. React elements are dope. So glad I got them

  3. Copped the orange off whites for close to retail. They are growers for sure. Slept on. Theyre fire ! Comfy and the dot makes it.

  4. Sgt.Industrial 2948

    I’m feeling the Nike Off white Prestos

  5. Tan can rock Bennie but Richie no

  6. BluesClueless

    The maison ones look like someone busted a nut on it.

  7. Them Maison Margiela shoes look like someone busted a fattas nut all over them

  8. Mason margiela just trying too hard

  9. Robert Shelton Jr

    Them Paris dad shoes look like someone jizzed on the side

  10. Tennessee Charles

    Change the name of this segment to "Cringe Talk". All 3 of yall trying way to hard to say some wild wacky funny shit. Not one joke landed this time. And this shit is edited, imagine seeing the outtakes. The ship has, unfortunately, ran its course. I hate that because this shit was hot at one time.
    And on top of the terrible attempt at comedy yall trying to sell us goddam Walmart watches when Richie got $800 shoes in the background. TFOH.
    Shark is officially jumped.

    Btw, the 3 stooges dropped the OG ultraboost. Lmfao. And copped the KD. Lmfao. And they left off like 5 fire releases. Wtf happened to this show? Notifications no more.

    Richie sold all his V2s then shows up wearing a ratty XXL sweater and a beanie.

    Fucking lame as fuck.


    Ultraboost are still dope forget what people say. These dudes obviously ride the hype train. Boost life

  12. Should be a new fox sitcom called… "Jock dad, 2 bums and a dead dog"

  13. Why do those two guys wearing thur Beanies like home bums got a dead dog by the computer

  14. Anthony Martinez

    Yo where can I cop that jersey big boy has?

  15. Planet Bummer

    If you really think about all air max shoes are dad shoes

  16. xNiNjA_AsSaSsiNx

    Jrune 15th

  17. CliqueOverAnything

    Update Johnny's ig… Yall have the wrong one? Lame asf.


  18. Ethan Danielson

    I died a little on the inside when they started doing the armitron bit

  19. I’m a simple person. I see big boy Johnny I click.

  20. where can I get those beanies

  21. Felipe Restrepo

    I like tans outfit

  22. Richie & Johnny are the type of dudes that talk about not copping them but already wearing the shoes on their feets

  23. my fave part of the video is reading the comments trashin & trolling richie

  24. Nicholas Burske

    Hates a shoe because there are a lot of syles fml

  25. What about puma? Thunder spectrum and electron?

  26. AndreGam3z-Norsk Gaming

    I might think this is the best studio on YouTube bro

  27. AndreGam3z-Norsk Gaming

    Johnny my dawg be back ag-AIN! Long since last man

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