- in Women Sneakers


  1. langfon broccoli

    Female sneaker heads are sexy

  2. Leave that in footlooker lol

  3. I would date a female sneaker head. Just have to be balanced between sneaker side and her woman side. It would be cool if she knew her history too lmbo

  4. Women should stick to their boobs and asses

  5. Shit imma wear whatever makes me happy Js all day and I'm a girl

  6. Real question is, would SHE even date you guys

  7. follow us on IG for the next sneakerhead expo, guaranteed to blow you away…@bellesandbottoms

  8. what are your favprote sneakers of all time

  9. Already do lmao

  10. "A little comfy and cozy"
    -big boy johnny 2016

  11. I want my girl to wear adidas superstar, nike huaraches, and af1 lows

  12. Santiago Suarez

    my friend got da same shoe size as his sister

  13. where did you get the joggers riche?

  14. Jonny gets no bitches

  15. I don't really care but then mfks better not be flights and the matching shit is corny af

  16. I would smash her wearin the Bordeax 7s

  17. There's these black girls at my school that wear 13s and slides they look like huge hoes

  18. I can because I'm your girls favorite reseller.

  19. Why does big boi Johnny look so high in this video???

  20. Yeezys, nmds, ultra boosts, vans old skools, af1s clean silhouette shoes are what girls need to wear

  21. Donovan delRosario

    My girl wears the
    1. Chuck Hi tops
    2. Af1's
    3. Aj1's

  22. Thereal Baller1109

    :48 Richie tell me what is "footlooker"????????

  23. why is this even a question

  24. Yo anybody know the socks
    Richie are wearing I know they're Nike socks tho

  25. Any girls rocking
    chucks,Jack Purcell
    Superstar,Stan smith
    Jordan 1 and 3
    Yeezy 350's
    Any vans

    If you see a girl in Jordan retro 1 bred marry her right away;)

  26. why does this video exist!!

  27. I basically only wear skater shoes and this video made me very unselfconscious lol I have no sense of style

  28. I want my girl wearing Red Octobers. Girl Hypebeasts is bae

  29. Lowkey porn in the thumbnail tf. What kind of question is this shit, it's the same thing, it's just a female who likes shoes.

  30. If she's hot, she can pull it off

  31. 3 shoes
    . 11s
    . 1s
    . 3s

  32. i cant roll with a girl that wears Jordan Flights

  33. two turtle doves…nice

  34. Really doesn't matter to me as long as she doesn't blow her savings on shoes (or anything for that matter).

  35. She need the ultra boost

  36. When you're a female sneakerhead, and a heavy one…

  37. My girl can't wear no Jordan's she gotta be basic 😐 or just designer

  38. Carlos Plascencia

    Where can I get that jersey tan has?

  39. If she knows how to rock them then yeah

  40. Michael Johnson

    Yes! Definitely

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