I Got Invited To The Most Expensive Sneaker Store In The World

I Got Invited To The Most Expensive Sneaker Store In The World


  1. Only in the Philippines

  2. I'm from philippines and Legit vlogs and carlo ople are my favorite shoe collector he has the most expensive shoes that i don't have which is the adidas mag i only have yeezy butter,yeezy clay,yeezy 350,yeezy 750 but my dream shoes is nike mag i hope i can afford all the shoes that he has but its like 4 million pesos to us haha

  3. i guessing this is what u did in japan

  4. i'd be happy with just a Yeezy

  5. 1000 likes and I’ll expose the address

  6. John Rayce Olan

    proud to be filipino, im literally waiting for you to upload this man

  7. Keelan Latimer

    Please can you give a pair of Gucci sneakers white with beatle size six

  8. Imagine he got robbed…..

  9. Pa ampon ako big boy cheng

  10. Enrique Ortiz

    Like this if yoy want air mags

  11. big boy cheng is already annoyed with your reaction on everything bro HAHA its like you have seen an alien

  12. CobraPlays_ 3

    I dare you to count the amount of times he said supreme…

  13. Average hypebeast: hold my yeezys

    Big boy: hold my air mags and all of my 200 yeezys

  14. Amazing episode

  15. John tk-Ankit

    Great collection and thank you for showing us around


    omg is that sir carlo ople and bigboycheng ghaadd!!!!

  17. This video and content was fire, But the Camera Work was bad

  18. sushi_trash rich

    Kulang si boss paolo tomenes ❤️

  19. sushi_trash rich

    Big boy cheng ❤️

  20. {Imwitdagangg}

    26:19 your wrong the most expensive Jordan is the Jordan retro 11 premium Derek jeter which goes for $40k

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