I Have The Best Sneaker Collection (Part 2)

I Have The Best Sneaker Collection (Part 2)


  1. Typical Glitcher

    Where is the notification squad bro

  2. I been watching CJs videos and this nigga is bringing to much heat think I might need some water

  3. 500,000. My. Name. Is javonmoss

  4. Jamaal Sutherland

    Who has the best shoe collection prettyboyfredo or CJ SO COOL

  5. WHAT ARE THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ofelia Hernandez


  7. cj is addicted for shoes

  8. Do royalty shoe collection

  9. Do u have the camo supream 5s

  10. why all the comments are 8 months ago

  11. money kicks has the best shoe collection. on youtube. he has shoes signed by Michael jordan and it was worn by him .. worth about 35000


  13. I wonder who has a better shoe collection…cj or fredo

  14. Wut about pretty boy fredo

  15. TrustJoeyWheeler

    He called the Laney 14s the blue Ferrari 14s , don't ignore that shit

  16. All those bitches fyeeee bruh

  17. No hate but Fredo has a lot more shoes then cj

  18. U don't got the best

  19. Fuck no

  20. what iss that watch he is wearing. please someone tell me

  21. Nice carn

  22. the best shoe gang

  23. Tarrayah Turner

    How many pairs of shoes do u have

  24. Sakeenah Simmons

    Do the kids shoe collection

  25. Who got better shoes Fredo 2 Times or CJ

  26. kamarrion cumbee

    on 7:40 them are ugly as hell dont wear them im not picking on you im a good fan to you i wanna roast them ugly shoes

  27. Do you have a pare of black cats 6s ?

  28. waxblood game88

    Street heat

  29. Prettyboyfredo got more shoes

  30. I wish I had shoes like him I only have one pair of nikes and some Skechers I want a pair of Breds 11 if I get them imma start a job then get more and more

    Edit: if anybody wants to know I had my nikes from my mom that had a heart attack and I wish I had bred 11s

  31. Have A GoodNight EveryOne Stay Blessed [If Viewing Like And Also Sub To my YT ]

  32. We're so you buy your containers

  33. All those are fresh

  34. Rodney Williams

    I have the oreyse

  35. Shanerius Lewis

    where u order your shoes from

  36. please

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