I Was the 1st Kid in the WORLD to Wear These Sneakers…

I Was the 1st Kid in the WORLD to Wear These Sneakers…


  1. I got it b4 it came out cuz my cuz works in jd

  2. Bjarne Weis Pedersen

    When do you do football videos again?

  3. Is your birthday soon

  4. he looks like a lil Aubemeyang

  5. Not the first kid.

  6. They are Lebron 16s and also I like ur vids and I have them and please let me 1v1 romello

  7. What is thief

  8. tekkerzkid your a lire

  9. wow is it really true!

  10. Love your channel

  11. My friend has air720 ur not the first

  12. Marcel Tombura

    Lorenzo always say 15 000 likes (Like if u noticed aswell)

  13. Oooooooo snap

  14. I got em before you

  15. Happy birthday lozenro

  16. Peter Unlustig

    Funny i have exact the same two boots

  17. Malachi Pascall

    I have those shoes long before you and i am only 10 why are you now have these shoes I am not showing off thats just facts I went to a photo shoot then I got all those shoes your not the. First kid sorry to say

  18. Desiree Booysen

    If seen them my kid has them

  19. I got them

  20. Great

  21. Happy birthday lorenzo first one on YouTube to say happy birthday to you

  22. Hayden Molyneux

    Happy birthday

  23. 20 out of 10

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