I WEAR GIRLS SHOES? Weekly Sneaker Rotation #21 | SneakerTalk

I WEAR GIRLS SHOES? Weekly Sneaker Rotation #21 | SneakerTalk

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  1. Bruh where's your eyebrows

  2. Like no. 200 I GET A PRIZE

  3. where ur eyebrows

  4. TheBathingSaint

    Where's your eyebrows homie?

  5. Brian Scalabrine


  6. Those Adidas Slip on's are A big L

  7. Can anyone link me to a site where they have the flyknit air force multicolor

  8. I have a womens pair of 2006 Sunset 5's and a womens pair of pure boost and never once been questioned about it haha

  9. young_civic_ 20

    one thing I truly love about ur channel is that u appreciate and showcase all brands.. I have a lil bit of everything in my collection and have everything from Jordan's to saucony to even some radii.. most channels only do hypebeast stuff I mean I think we all have a lil bit of hypebeast in all of us from time to time.. but I just truly love them all.. thanks for the vids bro

  10. OMG best AF1 I've ever seen. Anyone got a woman's size 14 I'll cop.

  11. Stone road mall has ultra boost sitting in full sizes in sportcheck

  12. That jackets sick where u get it from

  13. Do it

  14. Do on foot rotation please!

  15. make a video why likes matter

  16. make a video why likes matter

  17. not to be rude but my opinion is to not do your eyebrows with anything i watched your video about the dissorder and just let ppl talk anything they want keep up the good work man

  18. came from cowchop to come and support your content!!

  19. if i ever come to a meet up you know I'm bout to pull out my oreo flyknit af1's just for you haha dopest c/w imo

  20. nicee

  21. I'm starting a channel have any advice

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