2. Her shoe collection makes me wanna by an ebt card……

  3. She got the damn whole footlocker store in there

  4. Julia Benjouali

    how dont you have the all white jordan 4 but the cements heat and the red huraches but the black are nice black lives matter

  5. Oh so smooth Jay

    Please check my page out I subscribe back and please like my post

  6. Oh so smooth Jay

    Please check my page out I subscribe back and please like my post

  7. Omg my favorite Jordan’s are the 11 and the 12s

  8. You can make a foot locker with all her shoes she would make millions

  9. Wow you got nice shoes

  10. I respect the collection. I collect myself but I only get good looking kicks. I dont buy kicks just for the sake of buying them. Most of her kicks are ugly af but I still respect the collection

  11. The way she just threw the shoe to the side though.

  12. Modesta Yrigoyen

    Oh lord I only have 2 pairs of shoes

  13. your here for the heat? 14:05 your welcome

  14. She has been in my head and fall in place and a little too excited

  15. Shout to all the sneakerheads out there!! DON'T just wear the hype,Wear what you like!!

  16. Evie Cruickshank

    I only have 3 pairs of shoes and this. Christmas I'm asking for a iMac and 4 pairs of huaraches colours – rose gold, white, pink and dark lime.

  17. The DeMinico Family Email


  18. Spencer Jewesson

    Purple air maxes are called Paris macaroon and the pink are called the shanghai

  19. cringe with the throwing but amazing shoe collection

  20. follow us on IG for the next sneakerhead expo, guaranteed to blow you away…@bellesandbottoms

  21. Werk grrrl.

  22. Fuck people who wear gs cheap ass shoes

  23. so cool … sneaker goddess … wonderful…
    best regards from germany

  24. The best female collection hands down!! One of the best overall period!….

  25. Earnest Dickerson

    Shut up!

  26. did anyone count how many shoes she had??

  27. She been catching for 30 minutes I would've gave up

  28. Well damn u tryna share

  29. how does she have so many shoes its increable

  30. then there's me with beat up converse

  31. Bro out of every YouTuber that have crazy shoe collections I think this girl got the best shoe collections on YouTube but only if she had some gucii louivaton and supreme she would be set deadass

  32. I really hope one day she do a giveaway

  33. Let me get a pair please

  34. 2 right shoes doe I'm dying.. her shyt fire fr.. I thought I had kicks she put my shyt to shame..

  35. Raisha Querubin

    shoes are life

  36. thoes are fake

  37. Dolan X Taylor X

    At 2:55 I ha e those

  38. doitlooklikeiwasleftoffbadandboujee

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