INSANE Player Exclusive Sneaker Collection By Perfect Pair

INSANE Player Exclusive Sneaker Collection By Perfect Pair


  1. Proof you can have money and still be corny af

  2. Kenyatta leonard


  3. Kenyatta leonard

    SHOE SEX!!!’n

  4. You guys should stop hating on him. He spent his money on his shoes. So hell yeah he is proud. Id wait in line to see this guys collection in person. Kudos

  5. WHACK

  6. Welcome to qrewkicks where we never upload and never upload on my main channel but upload shit vlogs.

  7. I kno it’s an old video but can someone tell me what kind of shoe box is that the one that stacks like his where can i purchase

  8. Hey Kenny I'm a 14 lol

  9. What was that red KD 4 story about ?! Anybody know what Kenny was talking about ?! I know about the golden state trade but, did Durant wanted to go to a different team besides golden state that's why the KD 4 PE was red ?!

  10. This man is the sneaker legend he has every reason to be cocky. He's been in the sneaker game for a long time

  11. Jose Quintanilla

    Tf? Does he want me to do a research paper too while I’m doing my ‘research’ on all those damn shoes.

  12. He seems like a cool dude. But his attitude in the video was shitty.

  13. it's Mitch Richmond, not Rich Mitchmond. great collection though

  14. Robert smith500

    U have a crazy shoe game

  15. LOL! PE Vault puts this guy to shame.

  16. Yogaflamekicks206

    He’s a fraud. Mayor called him out. PP said he’s been collecting since the 80s lol Naww. He’ started collecting in 2011 after he inherited his family’s casino. Where was he then before 2011. No one ever heard of this guy until nice kicks sneak peak. That’s how he was able to acquire all these kicks. Mayor said he was wearing Vans shoes before 2011 not all of a sudden he buys all these kicks with the money he has and claims he was collecting for over 20 years

  17. Aaward Hamptons

    Olympic Team Jordan 18 Low Mike Bibby PE I can't watch anymore!

  18. Aaward Hamptons

    Them Tim Duncan Jordan 20's Low oh my i'm logging off call the fire marshall too much FIRE just too much heat I have never seen those!

  19. Aaward Hamptons

    Them 12's Mike Bibby PE's I almost fainted hardest 12's I've seen Mayor can't compete with P-Double yall sleep then he has memorabilia signed by MJ come on signed by other greats etc…..

  20. Aaward Hamptons

    Perfect Pairs right I stopped wearing Air Force 1's when they start using Pleather and not High Quality leather wear them 2 times already creased LoL #FACTS#.

  21. This dude has crazy shoes

  22. Hansel Pichardo

    @the_perfect_pair your sneaker collection is the best I’ve seen. Love that you and all collectors that do this – wear the actual shoe. I know some cannot be worn. His collection is hard for the streets. Do you keep any in a safe deposit box? #hanzdownsportsapproved the perfect pair has the best collection of sneakers in my eye. I have just became a fan of this dude and he seems to be a cool brother.

  23. kike zapana vargas

    "It is what it is" sounds like khaled saying another one

  24. Tristan Shipley

    I wonder if you guys know that it is what it is

  25. I'm not into sneakers and don't know the value of each one but he make me salivate on those shoes the way he show off his collection..

  26. Say what you want about how he got them or if he’s a hype beast or just bought his collection . I️ personally don’t care . Based off the shoes alone this is the best sneaker collection that I’ve ever seen . His collection blows mayors out the water not even close ! Shoe for shoe not even close

  27. 8:57 what a fucking guy he my fave

  28. ill slap u

  29. that one nike Air Force white is so sick

  30. this guys an og

  31. I’m a 14 lol

  32. what exactly is he famous for?

  33. Just wanted to ask what's the best place to store a pair of jordan 11 bred the drop top box you have or there original box what wood keep it more fresh and preserve them and not get yellow as fast

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