Inside My $150,000 Sneaker Collection!

Inside My $150,000 Sneaker Collection!


  1. hit the blunt every time he say fire

  2. He must have set the volume to like 150% rather than 100%

  3. Mathieu Lalonde

    where is jake????

  4. lilhomebay !?

    What’s up with u and Nicollet gray

  5. lilhomebay !?

    Nicolette gray

  6. Have a tons of hyped sneakers but don't have a good mic…. Sad…

  7. Only thing he has to say about his sneakers is "fire"… you can tell he's not passionate about this and is only in it for the hype and because it's "cool" and probably "fire" to be a sneakerhead nowadays…

  8. Wtf is this audio

  9. Grimfang raphael

    Prod de josman ?

  10. How many Jordan 1s and vans do you have XD

  11. 3:24 12:24 You really need a stylist if u think that those outfits would look good. No hate but outfits aren't good only if they are expensive

  12. $1 mic

  13. 10MIL subs with no videos

    Not only rip headphone users just rip everyone watching this

  14. SOLEcial Work

    Bruh…..those Top 3s will NEVER match that outfit you are wearing

  15. Micheal Brinson

    That’s dope.

    That’s fire.

    This is dope.

    That’s fire.

    That’s dope.

    Super dope.


  17. Alejandro Montes

    Wtf is he wearing it doesn’t match

  18. 150k sneaker collection with CRAP audio. How do u even approve uploading this with that audio.

  19. Game_Keefr HD

    Ooffhhh my ears the video is bassboosted

  20. Charmagne Oba

    You should eat more just an honest suggestion coz you look sick :/

  21. Audio just ruined the whole video after the intro lol

  22. Thats some fkn shiity audio

  23. Mathijs Havenvrouw

    You might want to remake the vid cuz I love this type of video but the audio made me quit

  24. Is it possible to block a YouTube channel?

  25. Miguel Villegas

    You sould fix up your mic

  26. Isaias Christian Rodriguez Gonzalez

    Bad music intro

  27. Veer Timbawala

    Did daddy pay for all of this

  28. Ksuperman 1738

    Please get a new mic

  29. your audio bro..

  30. CoRe Mindless

    Bro my ears

  31. Queers

  32. Luke Korngiebel

    I think he forgot he was wearing a green shirt

  33. SalonSmart / Salon and Beauty Source

    Can't buy a 5 dolla mic and can afford 150,000 sneaker collection

  34. Xxcdoglover CxX

    $150,000 Sneakers but a $5 mic! Bro?

  35. Carlos Espinosa

    Audio is horrible pls fix it

  36. Emerson Stoneking

    That sound quality tho lmaooooooo

  37. Isnt this the 5th time hea made a vid on his coection

  38. his mic sounds like my microwave

  39. Evelyce Santiago

    You really need to start thinking more about quality over quantity with your vids because the mic quality is so bad I can’t stand to hear another word come out your mouth especially “FiRe” smh this could’ve been a way better vid…

  40. Thomas Aaser Damhaug

    i think the mic quality was a bit bad in this video

  41. Dominic Jacinto

    Blake really doesn't put effort in making his videos good quality

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