Inside SoleStage's Sneaker Warehouse Worth $30 Million Dollars

Inside SoleStage's Sneaker Warehouse Worth $30 Million Dollars


  1. Where did u get those jeans

  2. Blake its crazy how everytime someone shows a shoe or talks about it the 1st few words out your mouth are "Those go for a good amount" all you talk about is hype and price. If its hype or costs alot thats all that matters to you.

  3. you talk about being a filmmaker but can't deal with grain in the whole video? learn more about the light kid.

  4. LMAO he called the volt coler way green

  5. Are they real?

  6. This is the type of content I like Blake. Keep it up!


    Blake i wanna be like you just started my channel. Love from KENYA/AFRICA

  8. where is it?

  9. Bertie Wilkinson

    How do they get all these

  10. What’s intro song ?

  11. the best video on your youtube channel right here I promise

  12. He’s wearing those canary joints !! Damn !! That’s impressive !!

  13. No offense to big buy but damn you could tell he's one of those guys who basically just never lets you speak lmao

  14. Wasn’t that bad since Blake wasn’t talking that much, kid still seems like a prick tho not seeming interested when they’d speak and doing his own thing. Smh

  15. Tip of advice: Don’t look so uncomfortable during your videos. Be more confident with what you are doing and posting. Watching these videos aren’t that enjoyable when there’s no hype to it. It’s the same thing every time and your confidence seems low.

  16. What happened if ppl steal one box of the shoes?

  17. Blake I just started watching you again
    What did u use to get rid of ur acne ?

  18. I love video so much and @oscarshin0726

  19. The Ræl Dingø

    Kurt Cobain is rolling in his grave.

  20. What if all those shoes fell

  21. ChromeCollectibles

    Wait do they cater to all customers?

  22. Nice vid

  23. Like the shirt

  24. There is a sole stage in Alhambra, California. Is that part of this company or is it just a knock-off company.

  25. Whose tryna to rob that warehouse heist time

  26. BlackPDigitalMedia

    but can i buy warehouse direct..

    better yet… i need my own warehouse..

  27. Big fan of your stuff! Check your dms on gram

  28. “You got the…”

  29. Thirdy Mendiola

    This is literally heaven

  30. Carlos Palacios

    Name 5 nirvana songs

  31. They should do a store in Texas

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