1. its sad but kids don't even know. about most of these. sneakers

  2. still watching it in 2018. want you back swag

  3. He's not the best

  4. you look like a grown man baby

  5. Love your vids SWAG my dude. Are you Asian or Mexican bro??? I cant decide. Keep doin what your doin tho bud it all love from across the pond.

  6. If I had a dollar for the times swag said "like"

  7. PerfectPair Too Cocky

  8. When those 91s came out still holding up… I'm done. Never seen it like that before.

  9. itsjustrodney tv

    Mayor has a better collection pp has more pe material thats all and he is a casino owner he makes more than enough money to afford them

  10. drained in water, why?

  11. Swag throw 100 in the beginning of your vlogs

  12. Michael Osterberg

    Space jams are the best those 3s don't have elephant print

  13. Mr Persianality

    Waqas misses Wajeeh…. #BestYTcouple

  14. No offense bro , I love you're videos but damm you're camera bullshit

  15. Adrian Hernandez


  16. Adrian Hernandez

    the first one to comment is gao

  17. It's like and like but you know like don't

  18. Thanks For Watching!! LETS GET TO 20K, NEXT VIDEO WILL BE POSTED TODAY!!

  19. All of a sudden fam 🙂 love the way how you and Qias say G lolzzz

  20. Hella sad without the manhood brothers

  21. Your camera sucks ass

  22. Love u fam

  23. Perfect kicks saved my life about the Air Jordan 6 black infrared color looks like im not coloring it in

  24. Eidrit Delos Santos

    like, like, like lol. love the vlogs man ! keep it up

  25. youtubeyoutubeyoutube

    Getting better & better.

  26. ITS LIT

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