Inside The Perfect Pairs $2 Million Sneaker Vault! *KICKZ & CRIBZ EP 1*

Inside The Perfect Pairs $2 Million Sneaker Vault! *KICKZ & CRIBZ EP 1*


  1. i still cannot fathom how he has the ACTUAL Last Shots and it's signed!

  2. George Garcia

    Them first kanyes were the basketball 2007 hurraches?

  3. Zotic Scroll

    This guy has to much damn money

  4. Joey De La Cruz

    Perfect Pair is the coolest dude

  5. Brandon Freimann

    Sounds just like my cousin mustang dope car

  6. Adebayo Oshinusi

    you need a tripod for your camera

  7. Nice vid except the idiots yelling you dont know about it every sec like a little fan girl

  8. Kenny. . Stop showing off.. your gonna get robbed. .

  9. Where's the Encore 4's?

  10. Durrell Gunthorp

    He has the best sneakers ever seen

  11. Crazy cool ass dude…. Would love to meet him

  12. Nthato Malope

    Improve your camera skills man!

  13. tommy karoutsos

    Anybody know where I can get some of these clear shoe boxes at

  14. tommy karoutsos

    Anybody know where I can buy these plastic shoe boxes he got em in?

  15. Ballen

  16. Shoe Savage Inc

    Has the kicks and the knowledge

  17. Not too bad to be an Indian in the right tribe…

  18. millhouse313

    And letting all these mofos in your house, handle your shit, and all of them only act like they your friend cuz you have all that shit. Crazy people just soak that attention up.

  19. millhouse313

    They made you a sciracha rastaclat? Bruh that same rastaclat is sitting at zumiez at the bunk ass mall in my town lol wtf

  20. If u think about it that Jordan show from 91 has been here since the world started. Just had to wait for Nike to create it LOL

  21. @13:13 he called it again, PP be knowing the future of Jordan’s lol

  22. Daniel Talavera


  23. William Cortes

    14:56 nigga in the background dick riding like a muhhfucker

  24. Diploe713 Diploe713

    Who’s that beat made by ??” Artist??”

  25. Fuck the sneakers!! I need that mustang!!!!

  26. Sincere Montega-Bey

    KILLING THE SAMPLE GAME & P.E GAME #InspirationNMotivation

  27. Drew P. Baulsach

    Damn. That nigga is PAID bruh. So dope. That's the life right there. Amazing

  28. Rico Federico tv

    whers the bo jackson and greffeys

  29. allan fulton

    I miss my red and white 6s from 91 I had 12 pairs of 6s that I bought throughout 91-92 and I actually only paid for 2 pair the rest were replacements from the air window breaking.

  30. Needs to hit up a treadmill tho

  31. The guy that kept saying he's all about og is annoying af,irritated me through the video

  32. Blackshirt- D

    Sounds like a bitch when she laughs.

  33. Wade Anderson


  34. Gamecocks Arelame

    Collection aint shit.

  35. what a bunch of cornballs! besides perfect pair.

  36. never seen so much slobbing haha

  37. Hey shb views, I hope you read these comments and realize how fuckin gay you guys sound in this video. My god. I clicked on this vid bc of the suggestions and regret every second of it so I just wanted to let you guys know that. Get the dicks out of your mouths smh

  38. just wondering what does Kenny do for a living man?

  39. Don't really care what you think

    You mean closet full of $5 China made plastic shoes.

  40. He owns a casino. No talent or skills.

  41. Michael Lopez

    Everybody knows that Kenny and Mayor got the best collections in the world. And they know they shoes

  42. sergiovalenzuela11

    He said nobody cares about off whites but wearing off whites lmao

  43. LightMyFire S

    LOVE that he knows about Danny Supa at 4:44 When it was Nike Air not Nike SB. If I had those I would've skated them a looooong time ago!

  44. Kirk Faulkner

    My old 05 g6 didn't he window thingie lol I used to think I was hot shit

  45. Andrew Peterson

    Crazy how he called it on the all black 11s

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