Is This The World’s Biggest Beer Can Collection?

Is This The World’s Biggest Beer Can Collection?


  1. his wife is beer can gold digger

  2. Nice! Looks like my house!……Mine are all American cones,flats and PT's. About 2000! Better than some painting on a wall! And there fairly durable!

  3. Can I visit?

  4. Björn Dahlberg

    The real question is: Are they Empty?

  5. Diego Martinasso

    Name of the song please!

  6. Alfie Saunders42

    Imagine if there was an earthquake in that area

  7. Nothing like telling EVERYONE where your stash is,hope all that shit doesn't get lifted.

  8. Joey Baseball

    That is not worth $1 million. Who determined that? Nobody is gonna buy that shit. And this guy is such a sick fuck, he probably wouldn't ever sell it anyway.

  9. BB gun fun!

  10. Robert4RealEstate

    Very Cool. I bet we are about the same age. I still have my beer can collection from my teenage years.

  11. Kaden Vlogseverything

    Did he drink all of them beer is not healthy!


    I'd rather collect beer bottles, beer can collectors are imbeciles

  13. Jillian Marshall

    God forbid there ever be an earthquake.

  14. Does he collect cans only ? No beer bottles ? He needs to branch out to beer bottles next. The problem with cans is they only go back to about 1935. With beer bottles, you can go way back. I don't really collect beer, but even I have a few antique bottle's from the 1880's-90's.

  15. oh look it's Ghost

  16. Jeff Truth seeker

    I got Billy Beer Can. worth more than anything he's got….

  17. Just imagine how much it cost him to just design and build the shelves and cases that they are displayed in. That's gotta be a ton of cash right there to turn it into a museum.

  18. The 007 cans are very rare and expensive,and appear to be in great shape.Might be very difficult to replace as they were only test marketed and never went into large scale production.

  19. Thomas Ponsonby

    worlds largest beer collection owned by the world biggest drunk

  20. You would get 13050€ in Finland for those cans.

  21. what a poor man

  22. pretty darn cool!

  23. sigmundfloyder

    does he have a playmate can?

  24. Schenkel Bart Christophe

    Awesome level 10.000 reached.

  25. those 007 cans are worth $1000 a pop if you look on ebay. he should probably start to cull now – sell off sections of his collection. most cans from late 1970's to early 1980's are worthless because so many people were collecting during that period

  26. Had a great time at The Spring Thaw Beer Collectibles Show . We will see you next year Jeff.

  27. 1:13 tipped over can top left.

  28. gabriel celaya

    are this beer cans empty?

  29. gabriel celaya

    are this beet cans empty

  30. the 24 dislikes are from jamaicans who thought this was about bacon …….. terrible joke i know

  31. David Simpson

    I collect poker cards. Recently, the mail came a deck of cards with the image of Putin. All images are different. If interested here is the link:

  32. oooh i saw some red horse beer cans right there in 2:52 if i'm not mistaken which is my favourite beer ! i wonder if he has the version of the happy horse

  33. at the end you could tell that she really wanted that can of beer LOL

  34. Does he drink that much beer?!?!?!

  35. Is this the worlds biggest beer can collection?

    Nah mine bigger 😉

  36. Turns out he drinks cider

  37. Wife: "Me Me Me"

  38. What if they get an earthquake?

  39. Am I the only one who thought "beer can" = Bacon in a Jamaican accent.

  40. What's actually even better is that his hobby or collection is actually worth something if he ever decides to sell it.

  41. This guy has serious OCD. hope he find the cure.

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