Jared Cunningham’s Insane Nike LeBron Collection, Pt. 1 | iCollect

Jared Cunningham’s Insane Nike LeBron Collection, Pt. 1 | iCollect


  1. Oregon State repping.

  2. Jared kind of looks like Richard Jefferson

  3. Prometheus McMurphy

    Dudes name he didn't drop is Joe Burton, which is the guy from the Reservation and wears no.11 in the photo.

  4. God bless Jared! Thank COISKI for using @whatchrisdoin beats! Love

  5. Idk how he can play in lebron 4's they super heavy

  6. Ugly ass LeBron shoes. Kobe is the goat

  7. I supported dude since he was a mavs pick hope he do good

  8. what cap is that?

  9. loyaltyfamilyfirst

    I'm praying they release the Retro 2s…BEST BASKETBALL SHOE EVER

  10. maybe this guy is rich

  11. Those are the CTK 5's. I had some too.

  12. Can anybody tell me what happened to nicekicks

  13. when your Classmate Make It out Oakland you have to be Proud …#Yee

  14. it was about time we share the same bday may 22

  15. and we wear the same size…. damn it would be fun…

  16. My girl said if I get 500 subs by tonight I can smash. Help a brother out.

  17. I've been waiting on your return George

  18. George is finally back!!!!!

  19. His size enables him to wear anything


  21. Frankie Underwood

    Who is he?

  22. Jared is lowkey Lit!!

  23. He look like Jayson tatum

  24. Keep dropping content like this George Kiel and you will be ahead of nice kicks. Also sick beat at the end.

  25. Note the air conditioning just for the shoe closet…

  26. U should bring out more of these videos george! We miss those old vids

  27. Wow! What a nice collection! Did anyone else catch the two Rolls Royces in the opening?

  28. Coach Willis #StopsDimes&Buckets

    Easily my favorite lebron is the 4's~

  29. multiple pics of kyle lowry covering him

  30. Well what did you expect, he played with LeBron…

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