Jayson Tatum’s Rare Sneaker Collection | Collected | GQ

Jayson Tatum’s Rare Sneaker Collection | Collected | GQ


  1. a true sneakerhead collection straight retros

  2. "Beal feels like a big bro to me"shows side by side pic and taytum is taller

  3. 5:13 I think LeBron James the player ever

  4. If you ever want to downsize and donate any sneakers at all please let me know i donate clothes and shoes to the homeless. Also i love Micheal Jordans shoes.

  5. He's so fine

  6. You would think he would have some heat but nah he’s collection is wack


    Larry Hughes nehew unknown fact

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  9. EaST CoAsT MaCHete

    I was born in 98. But plays like a veteran tatum is gonna be a problem.

  10. Did he say 15 ?

  11. This man will be the face of the Celtics very soon. He’s a legend in the making

  12. @Geesice

  13. For a baller his shoe game slaw..air max was the only exclusives he showed them was raw and I'm not a air max fan

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  15. Lol not seeing what's so rare but he got heat

  16. Jay critch anyone

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  18. I have the paranormans

  19. Nice collection. Handsome, yet humble guy. Hard to believe he's only 20y.o. Great basketball talent. His Mom did a great job!

  20. gotta love JT

  21. Half of his shoes i already have good video tho

  22. Part 2?


  24. I might have to get him on My Team for this

  25. Power is female is rare???

  26. Kids big gag

  27. I have the foam posite asteroids

  28. I like foamz twoew

  29. No Kobe collection?

  30. Lightweight

  31. Are ty Lue and Tatum cousins

  32. Great player, great collection.

  33. I love how he stay true to STL!!!!

  34. Jayson Tatum
    "Babyface Assassin "

  35. This dude deadass looks like a lightskin Michael B Jordan’s

  36. HES ONLY 20!!!!!

  37. Thought it was lamelo

  38. Thought it was lamelo

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