Jose's $30,000 Shoe Collection!

Jose's $30,000 Shoe Collection!


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  2. Gerardo Londono

    Dude doesnt even know real value of shoes

  3. Johnson Taylor

    Lol, your people are starving at the border and dying in Central America of poverty as well as violence yet you’re bragging about having a collection worth $30k. Damn. Humans are pretty shitty.

  4. Emmanuel Contreras

    That was the small closet?

  5. Tadej Flandija

    Hes getting rich at the expense of as ordinary people watching his videos and buying his products… Alsou At the end of the video, you can see how proud he is. The ego itself jumped to the moon and back. And if he appreciate and cares for his audience like he says he does. He would give someone randomly a pair of shoes for free. Or he would give as a better deal of buying every products that he sell or promotes. In the end I hope that you see, that he doesn't care about you people. And that's sad.

  6. Ađityå Gụrụng

    It was Creative way to do ad..

  7. Jose get the Travis Scott jordan 1

  8. Helge Steinsvik Brun

    Nobody cares how much they cost

  9. You paid 250 for the black Calabasas? These go for under retail, you can get a pair for like $80. You got finessed mad, my man.

  10. Pratik Hulsurkar

    Brother donate them!

  11. Mr.Pappy Plays

    Bro how do u make money

  12. Rogene Galvez

    Damn he paying too much for some of these. Like those Fear of God's retail for $170 lol

  13. thank you for putting the number (28) at the top right so i know when to skip that pointless ad you put in every video

  14. Nothing like a $400 of sliders foh


  16. “Some people buy drugs, i buy shoes”
    I'm one of those people who buy drugs…

  17. Sadly he still styles all of them with chinos or shirts too tight on him

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