Kids Crazy Shoe Collection

Kids Crazy Shoe Collection


  1. wow I only have puma,Adidas,converse,and Jordan

  2. Him theese are not in that bad shape

    Me Boi those are fuck up

  3. white boy and huarache? somethings of…. jk lmso

  4. "*smacks lips* Yep that is my shoe, pretty nice."

  5. Dang kid

  6. EgotisticPlane9 Lance

    How many times did he smack his lips

  7. Kingballer Mike

    Fake 11

  8. Good job man God loves u and everyone !!!!!! Have a great week everyone!

  9. all your shoes are 170 dollar below

  10. No heat at all and I have more shoes

  11. yo shoes is baked as hell.

  12. My favourite shoe from thus collection is air jordan 11 university BLUE!!!! I'm gettin it for Christmas maybe

  13. the 11's laces arent thick there skinny as hell

  14. why do people flex basketball shoes?

  15. Crazy shoe collection nigga what

  16. Jordan Montarbo


  17. Jordan Montarbo

    Them crazy eights are ugly!

  18. I would not be messing up them Air Force ones for camping

  19. The sound he makes after he shows every shoe is annoying

  20. Ya I got a pair of Air Force ones I wear them when we go outside and go camping and stuff so ya

  21. You gize should subscribe to my channel

  22. He doesn't go to the gym

  23. Columbia lows what are you on

  24. All of your shoes are beat to the ground

  25. 6:09 that voice crack tho

  26. I like your Kyrie threes

  27. Tatiana Tomboulain

    I have adidas only I got like 20 of them

  28. AztecWarrior 7301

    All ur shoes ugly the only best you got is columbia 11s get the Fuck out of here kid

  29. Ethan Gallagher

    You don’t have a crazy sneaker cllection

  30. Miguel Villanueva

    Your collection is barbecue

  31. those shoes weren't even crazy except for the true blues

  32. I've got so many air max 95 og

  33. Boi my shoe collection is way better

  34. This dude kept saying umm the whole time lmaf

  35. PePe The Frog Gaming

    Ummmmm y it called crazy collection

  36. Sax boi

  37. Who has Air Force 1s as beaters

  38. My friend has the same kyrie 3

  39. My guy nice collection but you smack your lips hella

  40. Not very crazy

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