Laced Life: Best Father & Son Sneaker Collection!!!

Laced Life: Best Father & Son Sneaker Collection!!!


  1. He son looks like a pervert

  2. Nice kicks

  3. why does your son keep looking at the camera like he going to kill us

  4. Going to hit dislike because his son looks like he is going to kill someone

  5. Blaine McGillivray

    He is so annoying

  6. I wanna beat the shit out of your stupid son

  7. Brian Nowosielski


  8. Where the yeezys

  9. CDP 11's are not the same as Bred 11's

  10. Are u selling the 4s

  11. i like how made up a name for the closeing ceremony 11s

  12. Hiding in my room

    You got a cool dad

  13. Honestly favorite jordans are 11s 6s and 8s

  14. those aren't the margins 7's, its just a similar color way

  15. All these shoes from the black people they lynched

  16. nice collection I hate wearing mines,cause I have to clean them alot,lol

  17. I am a Chinese Jordan store
    I can give you the lowest price
    Like the factory and the quality, if you are willing to communicate with me tell me the details using the Western Union

  18. Those weren't the Marvin the Martian

  19. Nigga on the right look like stewie

  20. The first 7's they showed r Barcelona Nights, not Marvin Martians

  21. your kid looks like a zombie and a clown mixed together

  22. all these haters talking shit about his son at least he don't walk home or to the bus in his Jays ahahahahah

  23. mike u kickass!!!

  24. IndySneakerTalk

    I'm getting the triple blacks 750s

  25. what is the intro song called the link to it doesnt work

  26. Why does the kid look like a school shooter

  27. the son look like a serial killer

  28. this kid got no emotion

  29. Sneakerhead Tyler

    did he just spank the Jordan 4 white cements

  30. Sneakerhead Tyler

    did he just spank the Jordan 4 white cements

  31. RIP Justin pierce. Because the supreme

  32. They fresh asf

  33. Man the fresh asf

  34. Great collection…understatement…need some nike mags to complete but overall great

  35. Do a giveaway

  36. why tf that kid reminds me of logic…?

  37. Hey young bro, those are Barcelona NIghts, Its all good people make mistakes, but just know people are gonna get on you about knowing your shoes

  38. so the pair the dad holds are the shoes he has

  39. Charlie Jungwirth

    If I were to rob him I would steel the shoes.

    Like if you would too.

  40. Holy shit that kid looks homicidal

  41. honest im a really big sneakerhead but i got to say he has to much shoes . if u gonna buy shoes WHERE THEM

  42. kid looks like a school shooter

  43. Loved the shoe collection could u hook me up with those toro bravo 5s

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