Largest collection of Batman memorabilia – Guinness World Records

Largest collection of Batman memorabilia – Guinness World Records


  1. Me : Im a huge batman fan i have the costume and posters.

    Kevin : Child please

  2. He can so make money off his batman collection charging people to see it. Its like a museum.

  3. Even I have batman pants

  4. Markus Thompson

    Who's Watching This After Adam West has Died? D:

  5. Cool! Nice collection

  6. Rip Adam west

  7. looking at the Adam west one makes me upset

  8. He seems like a cool guy. Someone I could have a beer with, and we could talk batman together.

  9. ohhh the envy filling inside me!!!!!! this is so coooooooool! I WANT IT ALL!!!!

  10. Too bad he's emotionally dead inside.

  11. I wonder if he has Batgirl for a waifu.

  12. Golden Pop Movies

    If I ever made a Batman comic or film or something, I would send this dude a free copy of it asap.

  13. Neon signs are pretty cool.

  14. This is an awesome collection.


    Life Goals. I wish I had that kind of space.

  16. Cathal O'connell

    love this guys personality

  17. wolverineiscool

    i kind of envy his collection, it seems like a fun place

  18. Amazing

  19. Ironically, I got an advertisement for The Lego Batman Movie right before watching this video.

  20. So cool

  21. Give me all the cars

  22. ArkhamVerseBatman

    I have never seen so much me


    i am also the biggest batman fan

  24. reminds me of stewie

  25. Dakota Skating buckaloo

    imma have to buy that

  26. to much stuff what if it catches fire

  27. Полохан Эдуард

    Велкий Коллекционер! 🙂

  28. Nice! Would you like to check out mine? Look at my Channel.

  29. CrazyComicGuy 64

    That is so cool, I would do the same thing too

  30. Make Rome Great Again

    He looks and kinda sounds like Ted nugent

  31. I want to wear your skin and become you

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