Lauren London Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Lauren London Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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  1. J P Dorce Publishing LLC


  2. What new new still hot asf wheres yo daddy imma sock that nigga if he take you again

  3. Love the sweater!!!!

  4. Los Angeles!!!!!!!!

  5. I love her

  6. I would luv too Fuck her from Dipples to Ass.God Rasheem luv u so much moma.

  7. Lauren has an unbelievable personality to be a celebrity meaning she is so down to earth!…. one of the few celebrities that I haven't had the opportunity or honor to meet in person… damn.

  8. I didnt come here to see what she thinks about shoes, she just so damn fine

  9. Size 4 lol

  10. If she did know anything bout shoes she would've called them cortez's dopemans

  11. Lauren, you have one of the most beautiful faces in the world. I love that I'm not the only one who thinks that way!

  12. Lauren look like she 19yrs she pretty

  13. Benjamin Scott SNEAKER JAMZ

    Lauren London is my favorite sneaker head actress

  14. Gold digger second behind black Chyna

  15. One of badest in the game she that A 1 official .

  16. U.cant think u get me,,fxx

  17. i dont know who tf she is but she fine as hell

  18. angels are in heaven

    I spit out my water when they said the price

  19. Kyedabarber Davis

    I never had chuck but I do want a brown pair with a brown jacket and a brown hat but not a browns hat

  20. Juan Ancheta-Ayala

    RIP EAZY-E AT 0:53

  21. richard escobar

    She supa THiiiiccK!!!

  22. $450 for a size 4.5 kids? Ya'll are seriously trippin!!! STOP!

  23. Im pretty sure she will not need a C section when her time comes. Wide enough hips for a natural delivery. Im just saying.

  24. Has anyone’s card been declined??? Lol

  25. She better be glad she got two kids.

  26. she so hot and doesnt act like god she a goddess

  27. Had to click an see her crazy sexy cool ass

  28. She’s gorgeous

  29. Dam she is super cute

  30. So dam fine

  31. That's expensive. LOL I'd be thee worst w the price checks and a sock purchase only at the end of this experience. Boom.

  32. Veronica Perrin

    I cant get over how beautiful Lauren London is

  33. Butt shotz tho really

  34. Landon baby

  35. Baby look so sweet

  36. Ooh she thick

  37. love her . dame itt. she got the style i love . them shoes she picked also i wod have got …

  38. Georgina Muyani

    I think am a Lauren london

  39. What's the song in the beginning

  40. What's the beat at the beginning?

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