LeBron James Gives Us an Inside Peek at His Sneaker Closet

LeBron James Gives Us an Inside Peek at His Sneaker Closet


  1. Respect to the darth vader of basketball….love to hate him as a dubs fan. Yes…that makes steph luke skywalker;)

  2. Bogdan Shumenko

    “I’m very humble”

  3. Ablahblahblah

    LeBron James is my favorite player and the best NBA player

  4. Happy for you KING JAMES

  5. Trisha Guidry

    i like it

  6. Jeremy Ancelson

    I don't think LeBron knows the definition of "humble"

  7. Addie Skidmore

    LeBron you are my favorite basketball player!!!!

  8. Uvuvwevwe Wazakalaksuaoapsulopopo Osas kruk

    Lmao his closet is bigger than my room

  9. Why is his closet like a bosss hahahaha

  10. jonathan rojas

    Man how J's had?….None….Sad… Punk.

  11. Shannon Walcott


  12. feat with Nike Foamposite how LeBron XII "What the?"

  13. 1.1k disliked this video for the simple fact hes the new goat

  14. Great basketball player great dude

  15. Cindy Lambert

    What if Lebron played aside russell Westbrook today’s nba

  16. OG Rizay1k Street Politics

    as soon as i saw the title i clicked to see if he would have jordans

  17. i didn't watch the whole thing… did LeBron come out of the closet at the end?

  18. Closet bigger than my house …………….

  19. Khalidbaig Khalidbaig

    we love u LeBron James!

  20. hate him or love him this is the side of basketball fans love to see

  21. Panson Gonzalez

    your the best

  22. The best to do it after Ali

  23. I have shoes of lebron

  24. Lebron you are my favorite player

  25. LeBron 8 Entourages is the most over looked LeBrons in the history of Kingdom!

  26. Tommy Manning

    Congratulations! !!! Real dude..100

  27. Quang Dao Tran

    I bet Jordan doesnt own any Lebron

  28. Really a thousand dislikes because he shared some things with his fans? Hahahaha you haters are ridiculous lol

  29. He should play his last game in those special shoes he showed

  30. Anabela Fonseca

    Lebron Vlog you are so good MVP G.O.A.T and you have the best sneaker collection in the nba also KD And SC30

  31. Bouzina Houmba

    oui pour voir le morale tranquille il faut en finir avec Diable pour que nous soyons sur qu'il y aura personne qui viendra faire quitter la richesse qu' une personne mérite de vivre longtemps temps comme Dieu apreuvue

  32. Thevidz, YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!

  33. Orangy No vids

    I wonder if he has any wheelies

  34. Courtavious Rose

    Lenora is my man

  35. Nelson Delgado

    All the money in the world cant fix that fucked up hair . The grain …the cut…it’s all fucked up.

  36. zayvian.farney 25

    I'm so poor I can get money to buy some new shoes I have shoes for ten years

  37. Why is his sneakers 400$ lebron 15

  38. God bless you my friend

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