1. I saw your Chanel on your first video watched an rang The bell and subed

  2. I am sitting outside with no one and am getting kicked and punched

  3. Been Supporting since 200K it’s be great to win some yeezys too though! #LEGITNATION

  4. EcuatorianoenNewYork TV

    Nices collection of shoes

  5. Thanks for make so much great content and giving back to the community!!!!!!!

  6. 1400 dollar sneaker that's more than every pair of shoe I've ever had combined

  7. 5 months later ahh finally time to wear this sneaker again

  8. Robert Dettelbach

    I want those flynit so bad Tim you da best

  9. Rhonda Paskemin

    Tim you one of the best youtubers I hope you try to give or sell some yo me

  10. Can we send you sneakers

  11. Ail a intro lol

  12. its not flex?!? lol

  13. Size 5

  14. My dream shoe is the Jordan ones

  15. Weak collection

  16. The Air Maxes are in Max TNS

  17. Actually I think its the PSG which are the best Jordan 1s

  18. familygaming playz

    Do you have a 10.5 size because I want a pair of the Jordan 11 gold off white blue my mom can't afford them neither can i.

  19. Yaneila Romanlopez

    I love u please pick me Tim I’ve been watching u for the longest before u and Beth got married please i love u. U inspire me every day

  20. love the vid

  21. Yaneila Romanlopez

    I hope I win I love u please please

  22. Yaneila Romanlopez

    Love u stay on ur grind

  23. Yaneila Romanlopez

    I’ve been subscribed to you since u had50k subs

  24. The Sneaker Don

    Damm i remember when you had 5k

  25. Soccer pro AP Gaming

    I hope I win the pair of zebras because that has been my favorite yeezy of all time and I have always dreamed of having it but I don’t have that money to afford them

  26. I want to win

  27. Weird flex but ok

  28. I hope I can win a sneaker from one of your give aways tim Im a subscriber from the philippines

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