Lil Yachty Gives us a Sneak Peek at his Sneaker Closet

Lil Yachty Gives us a Sneak Peek at his Sneaker Closet


  1. If you haven’t seen Part 1 of giving Lil Yachty some insane $25,000 air jordan’s, watch it here:

  2. Literally has a stockx in his basement

  3. 1,4 mio subscribers and you cant afford a decent cameraman

  4. Bring back justice

  5. Bring back justice

  6. Bring back justice

  7. Lol you can see his whole collection of complex

  8. I'm so sad I wish I was u 🙁 like if u agree

  9. Someone please tell me the name of these trainers 6:05

  10. Hey, blaze do you think u can help get to 200 subscribers by Christmas I’m doing all my videos off a phone on my own

  11. Yachty seems bisexual or some shit….

  12. Wut a fucking mess. Pay someone to clean and organize them shits. That would drive me insane….

  13. You didn’t ask if you could record me bro

  14. Awesame

  15. Wow you are so lucky to be able to hang out with him

  16. Respect to my boy Yachty, he has knowledge and style

  17. where is etan ?

  18. will you be at sneakercon in Hamburg, Germany?

  19. Yachty is the goat❗️bro is the chillest!

  20. Does anyone know what hoodie that is yatchy wearing?

  21. blazendary es un buen travajo lo que ases sos un buen youtubers el numero 1 megustan todos tus videos mas el del room tour

  22. Shoulda shown the bapestas more they are just so rare nowadays

  23. Hyped Unboxing’s

    Most under rated rapper

  24. Rip Stan lee

  25. can somebody ID yachtys hoodie for me???

  26. Yachty has so much designer he can’t even keep his rooms clean


  28. lowkey, Yachty needs to do more features wit Juice WRLD. Yacht Club is one of his best songs, like if u agree

  29. lil yachty not treating his shoes right. they just all layin there on the ground

  30. Vikram karmarkar

    his music is meh but he seems really laid back type of guy, cool to talk to

  31. only 7k like for lil boat wtf

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