Lilly Singh Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

Lilly Singh Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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  1. Why do people buy yeezy's the shoe costs like $10 or less to make using cheap materials and then they sell them for $250+ people are retarded your not getting your money's worth!!!!

  2. What??? Why are those 200 dollars at flight club? 2:01

  3. The yeezys are ugly af

  4. rita. right. now

    crazy how sexist the comment section is.

  5. The prices are fake yeeze isn’t $200 it’s $800

  6. I just like to go to the end of the video to see how much they spent. Lol

  7. Broke ass youtuber lol

  8. Not gonna lie, they look pretty cute together.

  9. A friend bought me a pair of Jordan 1s about 10 years ago I think I was 16. They were white black and had bright orange on them and I knew nothing about shoes.

  10. Finally a normal person on sneaker shopping

  11. They should do kodak

  12. do asap ferg

  13. I'm happy with my champion from payless Lol

  14. yezzy boost is a 1000 bucks ? wat..

  15. Pls do sneaker shopping with Liza Koshy!!! Pls Pls Pls!!!

  16. They got the pricing wrong on the video for the yeezys

  17. I don’t mind the buffer I don’t mind the ads but I hate when the ads buffer

  18. A Hamster Named Gerbil

    Please do Selena Gomez

  19. Do g herbo

  20. Hannah Hollandbyrd

    Why does he say female? Just say WOMEN

  21. I think Neymar was the one who bought the most

  22. sneaker shopping with ryan higa pls!!!!

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