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  2. Alessandro Marton

    Are they uncomfy cause they don't make sizes big enough for your feet? Or are they uncomfy cause they're not built that good?Im willing to spend 1200$ on a pair of shoes but I wanna know if it has good arch support and feel like magic.

  3. Bigmizzy74 Bigmizzy74

    Dsquared hurts my feet

  4. 8299302883 Bonilla

    esos modelo de cristian louvautin están muy ala moda me gustan

  5. klaivert çallo

    Damn theese loubutins are straight fireee..n shqipri s ke asnj dyqan firmato plako

  6. I never had a pair & I would love to have some . I'm a size 9.5 can you buy me some lol I know it's random but hey I been watching you since you started your channel . it's worth a try

  7. Lol you are so insecure. “I want people to know I’m wearing them” . Gay ass insecure nigga.

  8. How big are your feet

  9. Rasmus Johansen

    Damn your funny haha

  10. Spikes are better. Once people see spikes they will be like damnn he got red bottoms

  11. I like junior spikes Black leather

  12. damn dude this guy is keeping it real lmao………..straight up admits he's a douchebag, in your face, no bullshit

  13. I like dat shirt 0.0

  14. So I'm not the only one who thinks CL hurts like hell while walking

  15. I like the new brand Christian Louis Vuitton… Where can i get those? Louis Button? I dont know…

  16. MTK - Mohammad karamat

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Thanks for this review, one of the best and most original one I've seen. Keep it up mate!

  17. Dope channel!!! I love designer clothing..

  18. Have u got the snake gucci trainers?

  19. Lmaoo you put the glasses on !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're my new favorite person

  20. i fuck with your style of fashion and the way you do your videos. super chill. subbed!

  21. Does they have the same size or they have different sizing?

  22. What about sizing if I wear a 10 should I go 10/5 or are the shoes made big ?

  23. Fernando Lucero

    was about to get these shoes but now i know they are not comfortable Thanks mate! -Subscribed i like your videos 😀

  24. Love the honesty. I like these shoes a lot but god damn is Louboutin able to make a shoe even somewhat comfy? Subbed, looking forward to future uploads

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