Louis Vuitton Archlight (Silver SS18) sneakers unboxing and men’s try-on

Louis Vuitton Archlight (Silver SS18) sneakers unboxing and men’s try-on

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  1. Are they true to size??

  2. If you want to clean up the soles after wearing the shoes I can recommend Reshoeven8er, I use the product on my shoes all the time and I always have great results.

  3. Spiritual Man.

    Blow your nose satorialphil. Very nasal

  4. I thought this was weird designed sneakers but it looks really good on you. Does it make you look taller?

  5. MrRocktex1978

    nice shoes but they look so uncomfortable with those raised arches- wish they were all in monogram canvas- these are so discreet

  6. Is your second piece with monogram, the first is your pochette of ss18 collection

  7. Love them! How much taller do you get with these on?

  8. The color is nice and design but because of the sole and the high back it just doesn't look comfortable .

  9. กิตติศักดิ์ ศรีนวล

    So cute are you feel comfort ?

  10. Great choice. Thank you for sharing.

  11. OnWingsOfHope

    I think these days sneakers whether they be designed for women or men, are pretty much wearable for all sexes. If you did not mention that these were women sneakers, non of us would even know. Enjoy your fun sneakers 😉

  12. Im not sure whether i like them or not. Its just that … the heel part of the shoes look way too chunky making it looks like a huge extended heel. But yeah, nice shoes … congratulations on your new purchase

  13. Why did your SA leave?

  14. I love a shoes video!!

  15. Is it comfortable?

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  17. I need them… Right now

  18. שי הראל


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