Magical – Girls Love Shoes

Magical – Girls Love Shoes

- in Women Sneakers


  1. Lol Jersey shore brought me here

  2. Nobody brought me here, it's destiny that called out for me to be here.

  3. Came from Jersey Shore XD

  4. Im glad I found this

  5. Faking It & Bad Girls Club 🙂

  6. Jersey Shore Season 5 episode 5 brought me here. Amazing song! 😀

  7. I first heard this @ a club we were @ one sick night! Forget the movie.

  8. Thanks alot faking it

  9. Faking it brought me here. It's my favourite show and now it's over, so this song makes me so sad…

  10. Thanks for faking it #SaveFakingIt

  11. let me guess u are here cuz of faking it

  12. Faking It <3

  13. aww..faking it

  14. faking it!! but seriously, I'm shipping Amy and Sabrina

  15. Faking it super teaser brought me here KARMY !!!

  16. So i first heared this one because of PLL and now I´m back for Faking It…. I just want Emily and Amy to be happy…

  17. yes faking it brought me here

  18. faking it squads lol

  19. thanks faking it 🙂

  20. heard this song on faking it teaser

  21. Thanks Faking it for showing me this awesome song 🙂

  22. LOOOOL most of us came here bc of Faking it..✌

  23. Faking it super teaser brought me here!

  24. Faking it!!!

  25. Faking it brought me here

  26. Karmy brought me here 😛 <3

  27. Who's here bc of Faking it? 😉

  28. Livefor_now livefor_now

    Who's still listen in 2016?

  29. PLL brought me here haha

  30. bad girls club brought me here

  31. Jersey shore

  32. I'm pretty sure I'm gay foot liking this song

  33. …i heard this song at ralphs. 

  34. Jersey Shore

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