1. Did I see Red October's and he picked that colorway of the Nike Yeezys

  2. Michigan 5's and the Camo 5's are 2 pairs of shoes I've wanted for a while now

  3. What is the best work shoe like a Jordan 1 that is oil resistant? Oil resistant that don't hurt your heels.Chuck guy but wearout to quick.Work in oily conditions and like hightops and want black w gum low key ,Oil resistant laces stitching etc.

  4. Dubais rich are built on literal slavery.

  5. 15:30 dude looks nervous that next man is rubbing the shine off the shoes

  6. Lawrence V2 Unboxings

    LOOK AT HIS SHIRT!! bruh, Supreme doesnt make slim fit shirts

  7. Love how he’s so humble

  8. FaZe Brennan 2.000.5

    Air jordan shoes game

  9. i have a fake pair of NB and some armyboots datz my collection

  10. Fuck Arabs

  11. What’s the name of that Realtree camo boot

  12. "do you ball? "
    –"yes i do, not professionally but…"


  13. Money kicks calling daddy and showing him this video haha

  14. Try living in New Zealand ! hahaha

  15. SO to Dubai Dude Mad love For NIke Yeezy , my man

  16. "The struggle is real"…

  17. Umberto Mortari

    This guy is missing one essential thing… POGBA CLEATS, ONLY 2 IN THE WORLD

  18. Umberto Mortari

    I really like how TWOJ'S changed it up… Seeing the title 'DUBAI'S RICHEST KID 1,000,000$ SNEAKER COLLECTION' was getting annoying. Keep the creativity flowing J, youre a G

  19. I have almost 400 pairs … much more than this guy … I'm only 21 and from Qatar … where Emiratis keep their mouth shut

  20. IKEA furnitures…

  21. Money kicks has a way more impressive collection in dubai

  22. Lame intro bro, looked like news but then cut to add your logo, you need some professional artwork: thumbnail, intro, outro, video editing just write me.

  23. Jesse Wellens >>> Rashad

  24. Chadmi Mohammed

    This dud is nothing compaire to money kicks

  25. Francisco Galarza

    Shit give me a pair of LVs

  26. This guy reminds me of older money kicks. Nice collection for sure tho.

  27. Man. Some dudes just go way too far with buying shoes these days. I though me having 30 pairs was bad.

  28. i like this dude so much better than rashed because rashed probably paid no cent on his sneaker collection his dad did tho. but this dude is dope

  29. Wtf where do these people get money from

  30. If he's been collecting for about 10 years and he has about 800 pairs, that's a new pair every 5 days….

  31. Kokomo kicks 55

    I have a pair of 94s looks jus like his breds all black n red ones. 9 n a half

  32. “The struggle is super real here”
    In Dubai with a million dollars worth of shoes

  33. Two Js never fails to spread the love in this dope community.

  34. I'm in Dubai

  35. Dude just left tripod in a corner. Didn't bother watching the vid

  36. rt now rashed is laying on mo vlogs hairy chest and pissed off that this dude is getting exposure

  37. Ma man Jaysee !! Took a pic with you at miss lily’s ( Dubai ) really humble and respectful guy kept saying thank you and bowing when ever he passes by #biglovefromdubai

  38. craziest collection ever. what do you think its worth

  39. 700 to 1000 pairs.. lets say each pair avg $1000 per pair which is way way… way over estimated.. that's is only 1 millie… get the fuck outta herre sand nigga

  40. guaranteed that this hypebeast sand nigga has at least 10% fake in his collection.

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