Meet one of the biggest sneaker collectors in Panama. (100’s of pairs!)

Meet one of the biggest sneaker collectors in Panama. (100’s of pairs!)


  1. If TwoJ’sKicks PINS this comment then he loves his fans. If not he still loves his fans I just wanna see if he pins this:) EDIT: HE ACTUALLY PINNED IT THANK YOU

  2. What's up homie two J's kicks have a blessed day and everybody out there

  3. vick can take the yellow off those sneakers

  4. Michael Zimmerman


  5. Estranged Husband

    wear your fricken red octobers

  6. You gotta go to Perfect Pair’s House. Y’all have to link up. I’m sure you know each other! Legendary content

  7. hat is dope

  8. Love the video. Peace be with you guys and Victors family. May he rest easy.

  9. anyone know the name of those sbs hes talking about at 3:04

  10. execute order 66

    that guy is huge!!

  11. Amazing shoe collection , and dude seems cool as hell. Dope video per usual.

  12. All of my shoes I get from urban Neccaties

  13. That’s one cool humble ass dude too

  14. Those paintings are beautiful

  15. Steve Maskell Majaw

    #Uffuff 4ever

  16. two js kicks pinned this he is notvgwu

  17. I Bleed Red&Gold

    Jaysse always bringing us that heat, great vid as per usual.

  18. …..shit, what happened to Victor??

  19. That artwork is killer – what a great vibe in that house!!

  20. not trying to hate but i wonder if this dude can tie his shoe laces. love his collection tho, i’m J

  21. Pablo escobar sneaker collection

  22. You should check out them rich kids in Mexico ( Ciudad de Mexico ) they coming heavy too

  23. Wow the Michigan 3's are simply gorgeous.

  24. Big nigga hours

  25. Daniel Shangyan

    yay 4k quality

  26. not an impressive collection

  27. marcelano ryadi

    Jay lost 20 pounds

  28. Let the guy talk geez. U keep cutting him off..

  29. Jonathan Nguyen

    what shoes were the ones at 5:40?

  30. Never wouldv'e thought people collected out there. My family is from Panama. I've never had the opportunity to go there but hope to one day. Keep up the dope vids.

  31. Jesse Hernandez

    REALLY DOPE VID!! #RiPvIc #UNfam

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