Meet one of the youngest sneaker collectors in the world. 14 years old and over $100k in sneakers.

Meet one of the youngest sneaker collectors in the world. 14 years old and over $100k in sneakers.


  1. looks like you tatted yourself on your neck lol

  2. VeryNormal SimplePerson

    Cuando ser bilingüe sirve de algo

  3. Абдулазиз Юлдашев

    don't make intro

  4. When people got it. They got it lol. Glad to see that kid smile. Haha

  5. Dominick Botello

    I want to see the yeezy samples

  6. Fernando Sanchez

    Plantia not suela
    Insole not outsole fu.

  7. Jaysees accent is so bad hahaha, This guy is starting sentences in Spanish and finishing them in English.

  8. I wasn’t sure about the trail sole at first, but after getting a pair of the nude trails, I think it makes the nmd more comfortable

  9. Thats a lot of elf shoes.

  10. Unreleased = Fake

  11. Jay ven para puerto rico hermano

  12. Supreme in the 520

    Let’s see the yeezy sample collection

  13. Jue puta

  14. RIP man.

  15. also, all those shits are fucking fake… you can buy them of fake shit chigga websites. Motherfucker, that "sample" witing on the inside doesn't matter, they make fakes like that too!

  16. Panama, the fucking heaven of tax evasion motherfuckers!

  17. yay 4k

  18. My guy Jay is a real Bori, Dale Pa, este video esta bien afuego!

  19. Rest in peace to Victor.

  20. funny how people say spanish will replace english one day..

  21. someone get this kid a new pc

  22. How do you get these samples?

  23. mychubbycheekerz


  24. Guillermo J. Chavarria

    I've always wondered how people get these samples. Who takes them out from Adidas's HQ and give them away/sell them? Isn't that unallowed?

  25. Always humble, always grateful and always showing love. You are a very special human being. Great things happen to great people! Love the videos btw!

  26. Rosetta stone episode no habla espanol 😉

  27. Buenisimo video! suerte Dylan con tu nueva etapa en youtube. Y que descanse en paz Victor! Thanks Jaysee for putting us Panamanians on the sneaker map.

  28. sick video also guys please support my Chanel too

  29. bien chignon TBH. haha love this video Jaysee!!

  30. how did victor die? and what did he do for living?

  31. Yooo them sample bred yeezy V2's are insane. Those should have released instead of the retail pair

  32. can somebody tell ma what the cause of death was from victor evans ? #rip

  33. I’m not even done with the video yet. I’m diggin it a lot. I like how they give you a lil history of the town. Dylan seems so humble! Seems like a awesome teen.

  34. Kohul Jeyaganesha

    those Kith x Nike "Friends and Family" r wack. but dylane got so much heat

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