1. Your chick is beautiful inside and out my dude! God bless you guys and keep up the great work!

  2. By biggest i thot u meant fattest

  3. She’s got a heat collection

  4. Get QIAS TO 1,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS

  5. Meet the biggest gold digger

  6. Lol all the yeezys look the same except the colors and minor changes…

  7. Dont Read My Profile Picture

    Qias, what jeans do u wear??

  8. Cool sneakers hype beast

  9. Nigger faggot

  10. These kicks are fire need to get my off white 1s

  11. It's been long over due time for a nother sneaker head be like

  12. I Bleed Red&Gold

    Jonnie will murder this collection in her sleep. So as always want to be god in the title and claim titles they don’t have. Nothing against Mina she is cool tho

  13. That's super hot a female sneakerhead

  14. annoying bitch

  15. Andrew Cervantes

    I'd clap her cheeks

  16. She is the biggest female hype beast on earth. You are changing the game qias, keep grinding❤️❤️

  17. Your just funny qias

  18. If I'm not mistaken There were some drops in ComplexCon that were exclusives.

  19. I love when he films the mirror hahahahaha dying

  20. high key thicc boys

  21. Dope :)))

  22. Man who cares if you dont have 1mil subs you have loyal subs and thats all you need you have constant subs watching your vids and we love you man keep it up

  23. Joao Guilherme henriques

    Bruuuhhh I wanna date Qias

  24. Cyber Monday’s 1s are my everyday shoe during the winter time. Glad she is wearing stuff that isn’t hyped

  25. Vapes 'n Sneakers

    You two inspired me to get engaged to my beautiful girlfriend. Thank you so much for always keeping the grind up. You guys are an inspiration to me because in my opinion y’all are #relationshipgoals and you guys make my day brighter with your videos

  26. I'm surprised her house isn't burnt down cuz she got so much heat!

  27. I like that Chanel box

  28. Matthew Sarmiento


  29. Best female sneaker collection Simple.

  30. Im too poor for yeezys

  31. She got a fire collection

  32. fire!

  33. Do you get all her shoes

  34. She seems happy in this video

  35. Stop turning the camera to look at yourself and playing that cringe music

  36. Shout out Qias n Mina

  37. I ain’t saying she a gold digger but she ain’t messing with no broke nigga….

  38. carbonsilkthread

    Qias, if you don’t do a paparazzi photoshoot w/ Mina for your next merch release, you are missing out.

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