Meeting The Biggest Sneakerhead of America

Meeting The Biggest Sneakerhead of America


  1. man i wish diamond never remade an sb now all these hypebeast finna grab the ogs knowing nothing about them… just like this man blake

  2. boi aint no snow or 30 degree wheather in cali take that goofy as jacket lol who tf u think u stuntin on

  3. Stop twitching the effect

  4. bro you should put cinematic it gonna look better

  5. Two of you could fit in that jacket bro, I get flexing but it needs to be done right.

  6. Thats a sneakerhead most of us just be resellers tbh

  7. 9:44 the Dude on the Left Wanted that Shake so Bad

  8. Buy some new pants

  9. why you wearing that ski jacket your in LA its not cold you look hella stupid

  10. Why would u ever wear a cap like that

  11. Juduh Fairchildd

    Take that jacket off bee

  12. If you wanna be able to wear jackets like that then just move to somewhere cold like chicago or NYC

  13. this kid is a tool

  14. the jacket lol…. bruh

  15. Blake was well out his depth

  16. Damn is it that cold in L. A??

  17. man gets no views

  18. blazendery wanna be

  19. Burned out 1000th person to film the same shoes at project blitz

  20. everyone u meet is “the biggest”. make up your fucking mind.

  21. Bro is that Blazendairy

  22. Tantos zapatos para utilizar 5 o 10 pares hahaha :v

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