Meeting The Youngest & Biggest Hypebeast of America

Meeting The Youngest & Biggest Hypebeast of America


  1. This kid looks like bacteria

  2. I can become a hypevest at age 11

  3. 13 puberty still hasn't hit him yet

  4. Reeth98 Trickshots and Sniping

    He sounds like Dustin from stranger things

  5. Aleksander Andersen

    He is fat

  6. I thought they were blue

  7. “ I paid 3 grand, yeahhhh. Pretty affordable tho “

  8. He only showed da bape nmd for like 2 SECONDS

  9. finna hit a lick
    who wit me

  10. Hey guys these are all the shoes my parents bought me

  11. keyword… "A LOT"

  12. tHoSe aRe VeRy NiCe

  13. And we struggling out here

  14. all i hear from him is “a LOT”

  15. Joris GiantForeHead

    7:14 i wear these a lot with like clothes or something.
    Makes sense right?!

  16. He is not the biggest as a kid

  17. Kriptonite Slayer

    Lmfao this comment section is cancer your parents bought that stuff DONT lie u wish ur parents would buy u this stuff

  18. I think im the youngest im 10 with 4 supreme lv hoodies and a rolex

  19. Then you grow out of them

  20. "I like these ah lot"

  21. This 13 year old kid is going to out grow his entire collection in a year

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