Meeting The Youngest & Biggest Sneaker Reseller of Los Angeles

Meeting The Youngest & Biggest Sneaker Reseller of Los Angeles


  1. bro, you need the Yeezy zebra size 8

  2. Where do y’all get the shoe rack thingies ?

  3. LMFAO, "not even in America, a island off New York" This is how young and dumb these kids are, Manhattan is a island and they released them on Governor's Island which is part of NYC

  4. How does he get them early and for below resale? Just wondering because I want to get into reselling to be able to afford sneakers and take care of my family’s needs

  5. Help needed
    Where do I sell shoes if none of my friends wants to buy?

  6. I watch u, blazindary, and 6crew and you guys are the best, but low key kinda wanna rob

  7. Is it ok to ask how he gets new sneakers month before release?

  8. this dude made a 3 pointer his whole high school career, probably a waterboy

  9. So why school this kid play for?

  10. He plays for Sierra canyon

  11. Benjamin Kicks is the biggest and youngest reseller , Blake !!!!

  12. The color correction on this video kinda hurts my eyes a little. Just a weird CC

  13. would if knew about siez 6 foot locker basketball shoes kids

  14. What’s brooks ig

  15. Silly Random Videos and more! ,

    I feel like crocs are such a meme that every hypebeast needs them
    This dude has so many voice cracks

  16. Aleksandra Kniazeva


  17. 1:54 "I feel like they will but from what I heard they will not" that makes no sense..

  18. Puberty hit lil bro like a truck

  19. Smart tech Videos

    What’s his Instagram

  20. can anyone tell me where i can get these boxes for shoes?

  21. U can't go wrong with the top 3 and the Chicago

  22. Parents probabaly paid you

  23. Justin DiNapoli

    This is really cool. Great collection. Does he have a certain connect at Nike or how is he getting these very hyped/limited so early?

  24. I like how this man has like prob close to $1,000,000 of sneaks and and dis dood wearing SLIDES BRO. Like if you agree

  25. XxDesertMonkey47xX

    I really want the entire thing of jest supreme he has

  26. take a shot every time he says honestly

  27. duhitz lawrence

    LIT ASF!

  28. Tyrone Williams

    Culture Vultures

  29. what storage boxes does this guy use??

  30. "The biggest reseller"?! Bruh where's Benjamin Kicks?

  31. Chazzer Central

    What’s his insta

  32. Victor Tejeda tena

    Which one are the shoes of the 0:03

  33. Zachariah Heredia

    Um u have u forget about Benjamin kickz!!

  34. benjiman business in boomin is the biggest ressaler

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