Megan Rapinoe Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Megan Rapinoe Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

- in Women Sneakers


  1. Are the Concord Jordan XIs the best XI ever made?

  2. 2650 for the Travis’s?! Like lesbehonest

  3. Sneaker shopping requests:

    Robert Downey jr
    Ice Cube
    Joyner lucas
    The Rock
    Tory lanez
    Kanye west
    Kendrick lamar
    And Tom brady

  4. GRASA

  5. Trump 2020

  6. only clicked on this video to dislike it

  7. "women footballers don't get paid enough"

  8. She is so hott

  9. Grasaaa

  10. Grasa

  11. She's so annoying.

    She wishes she was a guy.

    Glad they pay women's soccer less, probably because it is so boring.

    Then men get paid more, because more people watch it.

    Case closed.

    Women's soccer sucks.

  12. What's the Outro

  13. Can u guys do obama next or in the future or maybe elon musk

  14. エドゥアルド

    Love da beat

  15. Bring zendaya

  16. Alexander Cortes

    Do one w//Drake like if u agree

  17. Reggie A. Gamble

    I guess nobody knows the instrumental at the end?

  18. Co-captain*

  19. Megan just bought more in shoes value than my yearly income. #hardworkingtoo

  20. 2.6k For the travis scott at stadium, when LiL Skies got it for 1.2k at RiF.. God damn

  21. Where can I get that Carhartt jacket though. Srsly please

  22. Yellow claw goes sneaker shoping

  23. Johnny Hernandez

    It’s ironic how they named those shoes “Not for Resale”

  24. another person raped by stadium goods.

  25. Please have lil tecca on

  26. francois denaro

    Megan Rapinoe : spends 4k "not bad"
    Me: spends 5 bucks " damn I overspent again

  27. 5:38 Off White x Air Jordan 1 160$

  28. U’re /sweet/ Like coco

    Alex Jones

  29. I would happily punt this woman

  30. Hot hot hot

  31. Vinícius Rodrigues

    damn 7k dislikes?? Why are you guys hating so much

  32. OH MY GOD she seems like such an amazing person. Style is fresh AF too.

  33. Collin Klopfstein

    Gordon Ramsay goes sneaker complex

  34. I can’t be the only one who can’t stand her

  35. Those converse with a
    Nike sponsorship

    She got an email from marketing for sureee

  36. I thought this was simon from sidemen

  37. Who the fuck is Travis Scott

  38. I like that she admits about the flag is all over the place


  40. ain’t this the woman that complained woman in football aren’t paid enough even tho they are paid more than the men (due to cuts)

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