MEN’S FASHION HAUL 2017 | Athleisure and Sneaker STYLE Haul | Mayank Bhattacharya

MEN’S FASHION HAUL 2017 | Athleisure and Sneaker STYLE Haul | Mayank Bhattacharya

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  1. Akheel Ugwekar

    What do you think socks or no socks? Highly debatable

  2. Akheel Ugwekar

    Video on socks

  3. Tauqeer Ansari

    what watch were you wearing?

  4. make video on how to dress if your age is 20 – 30 yr you can make series on this topic

  5. jayanta sarker

    Im a big fan of yours..lots of love from Bangladesh

  6. Iam really ugly haven't ever been liked by any girl. I want to look attractive. But can't. Can you help. It really makes me sad and depressed. I have almost zero confidence.

  7. Make a lookbook for gym

  8. Abhi Choudhary

    bhai middle class ke liye bhi kuch hai kya?


    Make a look book plz

  10. Hi Mayank, where do I get authentic bed head products online? Any legit websites? I doubt's authenticity as anybody can sell on that platform (no verified sellers).

  11. hey Mayank ……that white t-shirt is of which brand u r wearing

  12. Hey Mayank, what brands would you recommend if I were looking for a good dark wash pair of denims? I live in India by the way(if that helps).

  13. Previous videos were better

  14. akash shirsagar

    Rs 3350/- just for a perfume isn't Cheap.

  15. Bro… Plz recommend a denim brand for slightly overweighted Persons

  16. Who else thinks this channel deserves 1 million subs?!?

  17. Swapnil Ghoshal

    seems ure losing out on gains dude, anyways, grt vid as always 🙂

  18. Harshvardhan Sharma

    bro mayank that's a shoe tree not a shoe horn.

  19. Harry G. Men's Fashion

    Love your stuff man, keep up the good work. You got a new sub :D! I make similar videos, if you could check it out that'd be awesome!

  20. Fahad Abdul Karim

    Where did you find invutus aqua for 3.7 k??

  21. Aksshay Sharma

    For gym amd such stuff i prefer jockey products from V necks to shorts and track pants.

    Try them also if you can , bang fir the buck ajd really really good.

    I am into MMA and fight wearing jockey only and they last long without compromising the fit

  22. Make next video about proper outfit for running.

  23. Chitransh Tandiye

    Make lookbooks

  24. order samples/decants …you cant really compare a perfume/fragrance to it's deodorant coutnerpart

  25. ♥ Love Your videos ♥ . The Puma Ignite were ♥…A video on sport shoes which suits both casual and sporty look and can be used as a alternative for sneakers.

  26. Hi Mayank, could you please tell us from where you buy your plain V-neck tees?

  27. Guide for sure, maybe with a short lookbook at the end.

  28. Your all videos are very useful and you are doing good job

  29. Sir plz make a another channel on hindi

  30. Karthik Gunasekaran

    @Mayank who are ur target audience in YouTube?? Only models ??? All your stuffs seems to be quite expensive for regular guys….

  31. I learned that i need to get my basics right first, and then look out for specific pieces like you. As of now, found a outlet near my home which sells Rasasi deo and perfumes, i like them, can't afford aqua di gio with my student budget. And I have been in the look out for a sports sneakers around 3k, any recommendations?

  32. rishikesh jadhav

    Are those Nike Basket Ball Sneaks '' Nike Jordan '' which you were talkin' about ?

  33. Now thats what you call a great quality video @mayank bhattacharya

  34. Style Your Life

    I love invictus, I showed this fragrance on my style channel a few times as well, keep up the good work

  35. Bro did you waxed your hands ! Is good for guys to wax hands or legs

  36. Ashish Chauhan

    mayank start posting videos more frequently

  37. Ashish Chauhan

    man u look muscular in this white tee

  38. Yeah dude give feefee some screen time!! By the way she's cute!! And by the way Màyank I want you to make a video guide Athletic wear !!
    Question– I see a lot of people are adding the" jogger track pants(simple / denim variant)" in their causal wardrobe. What are your views about that idea??

  39. Which mic do you use Mayank bhai?

  40. giveaways agai

  41. bhushan badgujar

    Make a video on athliesure lookbook

  42. BRO…you are doing a great job…hats off to you…plzz make a video on what to wear in the gym considering the style and weather and trends in india…..we have seen many videos on this topic but they all are from foreign youtubers….plzz make one!!

  43. guide on ahliticers … Plzzz and how about yeezys @Mayank ??? I'm thinking of getting​ a pair for myself

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