Mens Gucci Ace Sneaker New 2018 Unboxing & On Foot | IS GUCCI OVER HYPED?

Mens Gucci Ace Sneaker New 2018 Unboxing & On Foot | IS GUCCI OVER HYPED?

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  1. Let me know if there is any other brands or items you want me to unbox. Also, make sure you come back for part 2 and 3!

  2. I love your videos. It's sad knowing you are getting so much hate. I understand how you feel.

  3. this dudes a fag like literally a fag

  4. I love the production quality of your videos. The on foot shots at the end were so good. Looking forward to more high end sneaker unboxings 🙂

  5. Great video man i wish if you can unbox the new airjordan 1 white

  6. Those are def on my list and I can’t wait to cop them they just instantly upgrade your outfit

  7. Rossy E. Zamora

    Love those sneakers ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Can you do a Louis Vuitton backpack unboxing?

  9. I love these ace sneakers! been on the fence on getting them, probably will now 🙂

  10. Hi Joshua,
    .I really like your fashion videos
    Can you make a video about the common projects achilles low?
    they r such a great shoes and a lot of people getting crazy about this sneaker.

  11. Rodrigo Talavera

    hey mate good review i love these sneakers, ace forever

  12. Recently coped the Ace sneaker with the king snake on them, subtle flex that always gets looks.

  13. I would like to see you in a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti !!

  14. As always Love Love Loved your video. You’ve got great taste. Can’t wait to see more.

  15. such pretty sneakers <3

  16. I love that you're doing the shout out, we love you and your channel josh

  17. What song is this?

  18. I NEED THESE. I can't wait to see the other videos

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