Mens Gucci Ace Sneaker Wear & Tear Are They Worth $$$?

Mens Gucci Ace Sneaker Wear & Tear Are They Worth $$$?

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  1. same sentiments with the watersnake skin on my pair!!!!! lol.. thank you so much for your cleaning how to video.. 🙂

  2. Hi, just found your channel and I'm now a subbie. Thanks for sharing this video, love the shoes. Stay fab 🙂

  3. if i wear in jordan 11us, nmd r1 pk 10,5us and in ultraboost 11,5us what size of gucci sneakers i must take ?

  4. Christian Barela

    These honestly look better worn then freshly worn they actually have character, tho depending on how you dress it depends

  5. take out the insole how is the word Brooklyn spelled? mine is spelled with an i instead of Y

  6. Fashion-Boozt Norway

    Sneeeeaker what eveeeeeeer!

  7. okay the shoe laces breaking is a what the eff for the price you pay.

  8. Thanks for thje video I have been looking at Gucci shoes online but was not sure if they are worth their insane price.

  9. Sold, buying tm. Thanks for the upload!

  10. hunna round draco

    Gucci has very poor quality control…

  11. Did it crease on the toebox?

  12. Watttt 1k followers?! U need more!!!

  13. Fucking scam. I'd literally just buy good fakes, who's going to check me?

  14. I would love to get my hands on the Gucci Ace Flames, but yours are pretty lit too <3

  15. CelloMachachillo

    I like these shoes but why is your voice like that?? Sounds very nasal and drawn out..??

  16. Big up Vivian Frank

  17. Thanks for this video, now that I see the chips on the side where the sole was stitched onto the shoe, I know I will not buy these. that is totally unacceptable from such a premiumly priced shoe

  18. Nice Video Joshua! I like your Videos und your Style. You got a sub. Greetings from Germany! 🙂

  19. Love the kygo intro music.

  20. I personally has had my gucci ace sneakers for small 2 months now, and i see no wear and tear, other than creasing. I believe, the flaws that you created on your pair, is because of how you walk.

  21. Are they uncomfortable ?
    THX for great video ! :))

  22. Great content keep it up I just subscribed

  23. Sotiris Tsitsionis

    gay or men ?

  24. Markymark Yumul

    do you think what's better black or white gucci ace? hehehe nice video

  25. Christian Flyvholm

    Ure soo good on camera! Loved the review and the sneakers

  26. Yay. A new videos from you.." I have tried to stay away from the sneakers because I feel like everyone owns them :/

  27. Michael Hernandez

    Ily but any way u should do a video we're u go shopping like if u agree

  28. Can you do a shoe haul lookbook?

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