Men’s Shoes: What Summer Footwear Is Worn with Shorts?

Men’s Shoes: What Summer Footwear Is Worn with Shorts?

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  1. Jae DK Szeszycki-Truesdell

    I started by skipping someone else's video, finding this, liked it, nearly subscribed, and then came the derogatory language towards women. Disliked, moved on. Not for me. Could reach a wide audience by refraining from such language and catering to more than straight men. The bulk of the info is helpful.

  2. it's 2017. Can you do an update on this video?

  3. Is that a ghost around the 4:56 mark? Above his right shoulder (our left side). This is the second time I've seen something like that in the videos he films at his house. It appears out of no where and floats off

  4. he forgot boat shoes!!!!

  5. That shirt should be burnt lol

  6. Can you do how to wear Sperry's in 2017

  7. Boy alpha is so young here. 😀

  8. Watching this in 2017, and it's awkward 😀 Huge progress, alpha! You're awesome 🙂

  9. get your moma drunk?

  10. This is hilarious, someone make a montage of his jokes

  11. sperrys though

  12. Just wear no show socks bro.

  13. Hey You should update this video. And include a boat shoes! They are great and casual stylish classy look

  14. MR Kalashnivodka

    oh my gash this vid is old

  15. funky as fuck xD

  16. The reason why many people say you can't wear shorts in the summer, is because they have the perception of touristy styles, baggy or long shorts, bad shoes and tops. That's why. But as soon as you dress with nice suede tassel loafers, dark brown preferably, well cut chino shorts and a fitting basic -t shirt or buttoned shirt, you will stand out. Honestly, I would say the cut of the shorts and shoes will make you standout.

  17. Lol first F word I hear lol calm down friend:)

  18. I recently found alpha's channel not long ago. I've got to say. Every question I have I turn to this channel and find the answer. Even if in a vid from 5 years ago! Every time.

  19. Flip flops for the pool, beach and locker room only. I don't care how hot it is. There are plenty of shoes out there that breath well. Also always wear socks. Shoes without socks is nasty, makes your shoes stink and can lead to athletes foot. Wear no show if you want the sockless look.

  20. I know this is a old video, but I have a question. What about boats with shorts? I'm a little smaller than husky and trying to find styles that work with my body type. I have a ton of different style boots and not much in the way of regular shoes. Is there a style boot and shorts that would be stylish?

  21. Nahuel Aparicio

    ¿What socks do you use with the fashion sneaker? ¿Can i use happy socks? (i mean in the winter with a jean)sorry for my inglish :p thanks guys

  22. I like top siders and boat shoes

  23. Akash de Chickera

    What about boat shoes

  24. Schmidty the Kid

    I'm lovin' the no filter, non-PC Alpha in these older vids!!!

  25. @alpha m. what do you think about roman sandals? Also I wanted to share with you a difference in european to american fashion where we never ware closed shoes with shorts. Just thought this would interest you.

  26. Hey alpha instead of baby powder in the shoe that u said gets like a paste when wet in another video ,maybe u should try your ball powder in the shoe instead.

  27. I would love Boat Shoes

  28. what about boat shoes

  29. Ever heard of Nike?

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