Men’s Summer Essentials (2016) Part #1 – Shoes She Can’t Resist

Men’s Summer Essentials (2016) Part #1 – Shoes She Can’t Resist

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  1. Ryan, do you wear lace up or loafer?

  2. I like all of them! Currently I'm wearing men's Toms! They're really good and comfortable 🙂 great video btw.

  3. what abt socks… i mean it looks better when u don't wear them but then the shoes smell like shit. suggestions appreciated and will be taken action on 🙂

  4. which are more comfortable , loafers or driving moccasines?

  5. Jimmie Mc rustles

    Ryan what is your opinion of these shoes? They're basically just a suede oxford. Kinda like wingtips without the pattern.

  6. Dealers Industrial Equipment

    Ryan- how long did it take for your Bachelor drivers to arrive after you placed the order? Just ordered a pair of reds yesterday.

  7. you never wear socks

  8. How do you keep suede shoes looking good? I've tried to wear them, but they never last.

  9. The white suede is so good. Very pimpy lol. But i have no idea where to buy in Hungary. 😐 Is there something similar on ASOS?

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