Men’s Valentino Rockrunner sneakers

Men’s Valentino Rockrunner sneakers

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  1. FLY kicks..

  2. Next time be in a room with some more light!

  3. hey man nice video – very informative. may I just ask. does this happen to you?
    I just got a pair and after wearing it I notice it is really easy to sweat in the shoe and even worse the leather insoles soak up the sweat – making it smell bad:(
    any tips to prevent or similar personal experiences?

  4. Please do on feet reviews!!

  5. Know your a Nike man, but defo a good pick up, more people need to ditch Jordan's and move to a luxury trainer or if to pricey get actual shoes.

  6. Hey, cool video. A couple of questions if I may. You say the shoes run true to size. I am a US 10 on Nike. Should I go for the same size on these shoes? And do you think they are worth the investment? They are a bit expensive.

  7. Do they also have a serial number inside with the size ? And on the inside of the shoes does it says made in italy ? Just want to check how to spot fake ones, i want to buy a pair on ebay

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