Michael B. Jordan Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Michael B. Jordan Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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  1. Note: There was a mix-up in the receipt graphic at the end of the show. The Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard” were $900 and the Air Jordan 1 “Black Toes” were $570.

  2. Wtf black toes for $900 that’s on some bull. They’re only like $450 on goat and the shattered backboards are like $700

  3. Jazzy Pick Pick Pickles!!

    Damn there are so many awesome sneakers

  4. Dude got a deep voice after The Wire

  5. Lmao “giving me that discount”
    “No she’s not”

  6. Overpriced kicks

  7. wow the air presto and the TN ultra lookin fine!! damn michael got some serious style !

  8. Abid Pashaliciou

    I just can't get past that he looks exactly like Nick Cannon..

  9. Lil.Supreme. Vlogs

    Yooooo this guy was in 2k17

  10. Michael B Jordan is one beautiful man

  11. where's Wallace?


  13. Couldn't count how many times he said "Know what I'm sayin'?"

  14. Hey @complex ! Big fan of your channel from India. please bring Les twins too, on your channel.

  15. How the fuck are those Nike Air Prestos $2,250.00? They look cheap and ugly as fuck. Obviously he can do whatever the hell he wants with his money, but damn, those things look like shit. To each their own I guess.


  17. a real dude

  18. Legendary Super Savage 9000 AF

    We Need that Creed 2 so we can see you avenge you're father Apollo. Against Ivan Drago

  19. Kristian Mendoza

    Looks like the guy from black ops 3 trailer video

  20. Schoolboy Q please

  21. Isn't this the guy that played justice young in 2k17

  22. Damn I didn’t know Justice Young was Michael B. Jordan

  23. Johnny Villanueva

    He sound just like the game

  24. 4:46 that is sad

  25. What did he say 8:01 ????

  26. Am i the only one who sees similarities between him and Simeon Panda?

  27. I really wanted to him to stare at a pair of kicks and when Joe asked "why u starin at that shoe" Michael would say "Im just feelin it"

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  29. Alexis Barrientos

    You know what I'm saying? X1000

  30. For some reason I'm super annoyed that see said "Forty-two Ninety-Five", why not say 4 THOUSAND?,

  31. Oh no! I am too late the chat is filled with thirst ass fangirls!

  32. Tide pods are yummy

  33. Kickmonger

  34. hardball

  35. PARTYNEXTDOOR Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex, please.

  36. sniggers

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