Mini shoe collection 2018

Mini shoe collection 2018

- in Women Sneakers


  1. boosie season

    Dm me on instagram @breadwinnerboosie I have 154k and I could help you out

  2. ima size 8 and im 11

  3. Omg finally someone with the same size of feet was me

  4. Riley Fleming

    how do you make money to buy the shoes? xx

  5. Alina Gutierrez

    Love ur vibes and ur personality ❤️keep it up

  6. Really Cute too

  7. Yeo shorty finee

  8. Ramija Marie

    You look like baby Ariel. ❤️❤️

  9. Damn your feet are small like fr

  10. norman gaudet

    471 subscriber

  11. Ruben Funny videos fights

    Bro your fine asl due imma add u

  12. 4,000 views damn chill

  13. Joel Vazquez


  14. Genesis Rodriguez

    How you keep your 11s clean from yellowing? Do you use something?

  15. Small ass feet

  16. ion say this much but u cute

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