Molly Tuttle – The Girl In My Shoes and the Forward Roll

Molly Tuttle – The Girl In My Shoes and the Forward Roll

- in Women Sneakers


  1. YESSS!!!!!! Thank you so much. Jess Lewis would be amazing as well 😀

  2. What a treasure

  3. jezz ….spectacular

  4. Good thing Molly didn't want to get above the 12th fret.

  5. Some of her songs are just freaking hauntingly beautiful….

  6. Is there a copy of this straight through?
    No interview?

    That was unreal…

  7. Telluswhachaknow

    Black Sabbath record in the background ha ha,

  8. Nicholas Flamel

    Incredible note clarity for an acoustic.

  9. Ivan Litvinov


  10. what a master! each player has their own picking technique that makes it hard to pick which to use. she uses a lot of wrist while tony rice moves his thumb more. both different methods to accomplish the same thing.

  11. Amazing.That took a lot of hard work to get here. keep on trucking little sister.

  12. Fitness sh1tness

    Damn she's like another Steve Morse

  13. Black Sabbath on deck in the background. Wicked

  14. You have an amazing talent!

  15. I need a hug, Now!! Absolutely Amazing. Her technique is flawless. I'm now a fan!!

  16. With Doc Watson gone she IS the Flat picker, God bless Molly Tuttle.

  17. Nice bridge section…. very haunting and melodic and the right and left hand stuff is from another planet!

  18. Lovely voice and song. Thanks for turning us on to her.

  19. Love Molly! She is the best! 🙂

  20. Molly rules!

  21. Darryl Buchanan

    I love the Clawhammer style with the right hand.

  22. Aren't you meant to put the mic at the 12th fret to avoid pick sounds? Amazing playing but I never see her mic it that way and it picks up a lot of noise.

  23. Very great moment of music. So nice !

  24. Michael Craig

    What are those orange clamps on the guitar, and what do they do?

  25. this girl blows me away – how much talent can one girl possess!!!

  26. John Rockwell

    She's amazing.

  27. Timothy Thompson

    You should interview her buddy Billy Strings too. Another up and comer with a super human right hand.

  28. My God

  29. Awesome flat picking, clawhammer and vocals,
    An incredible talent,  I'm always blown away  😉

  30. Thanks for this video. I hadn't come across her music before.

  31. Impressive.

  32. Molly you are amazing.

  33. Monitor Lizard Music (Dan Johnston)

    Molly Tuttle is such a breath of fresh air in every way. She is the entire musical package. I've always loved how country, bluegrass, and jazz players are playing lead with chord structure/melody in mind.

  34. Where can U get the cellphone guitar holder that videos the closeups?
    &, is Molly using a Blue chip 80 here, a well?

  35. Jeff Johansen

    As time goes by Molly will be known as the most important female (Bluegrass, Hillbilly, Country) guitarist since Maybelle Carter.

  36. Outside picking at its best

  37. Doug Steele Guitar

    Love it.

  38. Check out the many "Tuttles with AJ Lee" videos and you can see Molly's progression from a young age in the family band. Plus you'll find the beautiful vocals of young AJ Lee!

  39. Chema Martín

    This shows how there is no such thing as too much technique… Amazing control and taste.

  40. the more I watch this the more I am in awe of this young lady's knowledge and dominance over the fretboard…….

  41. outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Daniel Stuart

    Wow! That was amazing!

  43. Jason Randall

    LOVE the camera work – Molly is great as always of course – but great production on the video + Camera Angles. Thanks!

  44. What is this strange red apparatus at the place where the fingerboard meets the body? A clamp holding a mike?
    Speaking about the performance ,I'm not a great fan of songs with words simply allowing us to wait for the solo! As for me ,whether you say something or you play something.The singing seems to be a mere accompaniment to the flow of guitar notes.

  45. Like WoW!

  46. this is awesome. i love this

  47. Damascus Steel

    Awesome song. Can she do da shredz?

  48. Outstanding artist! Thanks for turning me on to her.

  49. Wow. That guitar sounds great too.

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