Montrezl Harrell has a STUPID SNEAKER COLLECTION!! | SLAM x Nice Kicks SNEAK PEEK

Montrezl Harrell has a STUPID SNEAKER COLLECTION!! | SLAM x Nice Kicks SNEAK PEEK


  1. austin Williams

    Yo can y’all hit me back when y’all see dis message

  2. yachty’s cool uncle…

  3. The 4th migos member


    6:04 those boondocks legit af

  5. Homie is crazy on the court too. I guess PJ tucker might have some competition in few years

  6. Thheeee boooyyyyyy

  7. This is my cousin i swear to god

  8. These videos are amazing! Seeing all the shoes is just insane

  9. hassan mansaray

    He’s trippin

  10. He looks like all 3 Migos in one

  11. Julian Steinfeld

    Pause… he said he doesn’t agree with what pj puts on the court sometimes huh?

  12. Where George at ya can’t do this without the OG he is NIce Kicks he run this bitch NIGGA he put Montrez harrol on pj TUUUCKER? BIG George Kill gave Pj tucker his name youtube George kill names pj tucker George kill was the first nigga to do this shit ya owe him 5% Nick YOOUUNG?…. MAN I’ll Slap THE SHIT OUT YOU NIGGAS

  13. He look more like a football player lol

  14. TrYinG To Be SneAkErhEaD /metdzQfox02

    I'm totally amaze with this stupid collection…
    Sneaker head alert!!

  15. oh shit that…. "Welcome to good burger home of the good burger can I take your order" 13's are fire.. lol

  16. Jamal Abdelbaset

    Takeoff in the NBA now?!!

  17. Fearless Prophet

    I fuck with his collection. It’s different not all hype shit. He put his own taste in his collection.

  18. His voice sounds like Yachty

  19. Sick collection bro

  20. Nice collection but I can’t do the childish shoes

  21. Andrew Covington

    Yall need to keep posting

  22. He gotta touch screen on some J's wow

  23. He's got the coldest kicks out of everybody. Custom joints kill it.

  24. Wonder if he got paid at Louisville?

  25. Whack

  26. It’s only been 15 years since an upload

  27. ChrisLikesYourMom

    Customs look so dope

  28. Still not going win kicks on court

  29. Jose10833 10951

    In the hole video he keep saying “ahhhhh”

  30. People forget to mention lance Stephenson when it comes to the heat

  31. Trezzzz gooo clippers

  32. George Kiel left and the show not the same

  33. hmu i got a size 15 lebron 7 akron og all for sale

  34. camera man fucking up the view of the kicks

  35. It’s a shame this channel died out I used to love watching sneak peak and then they just stopped uploading

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