MOST UNDERRATED SNEAKER BRAND 2018 | Men’s Summer Shoes | StyleOnDeck

MOST UNDERRATED SNEAKER BRAND 2018 | Men’s Summer Shoes | StyleOnDeck

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  1. the paint job on the last shoes was poorly done

  2. TheChildofdasouf

    Where’d you get the white tee you have on

  3. Hey Devon,

    I'm new around this channel. But I love the content man. How do the Irvine T's fit? Theres no shoe stores that carry the model around my area, so im not able to try it on.

  4. GuliversTravelocity

    The white with the gum is definitely my favorite super nice! A close second is the grey knits. I haven't thought about K-swiss in a while but I would totally wear these.

  5. I use to live in Hong Kong, and there is definitely more presence for K-SWISS in the sneaker market. After moving to Canada, I can't find flexible styles aside from over-hyped brands like Nike and Adidas. Keep the content coming man!

  6. The all white with gum on toe box, quick question I’ve started my own fashion company how do I get my images out please follow me @justifiedcreationsboutique on IG

  7. K-Swiss has been off my radar for years so this video gives me some great ideas. The Gen-K is my favorite, as I am a big fan of the knit uppers that Nike and Adidas have been releasing for the past few years. Keep up the great work!

  8. My first KSwiss had two sets of laces on each shoe!! Dang that was 35 years ago!!!!! LOL And I thought I was hot STUFF!!!!!!! What happened…..LOL

  9. I'm with you on the Irvine T Heritage. Those are nice as well as moderately priced.
    I have a bit of a pet peeve when people incorrectly call button-up/button-front shirts "button-down" shirts. Button-down shirts only refer to shirts that have collars that can be buttoned down. If the shirt's collar can't be buttoned down then it's simply a button-up/button-front shirt. Since you were rocking a mandarin collared shirt with the Irvine T Heritage kicks, you were technically wearing a button-up/button-front shirt not a button-down shirt because mandarin collars can't be buttoned. Not trying to be a dick. Just an FYI. Looking forward to the next style video.

  10. That last shoe is fucking awesome. I thought the flags were dope since they represent the grand slams.

  11. Sizing wasn’t mentioned. Are they all true to size or need to go up or down a size?

  12. Rockin the Irvine all day erryday! Dope vid bro

  13. irvines

  14. All three are my vibe but those canvas ones are my fave. Dope outfit choice with em !

  15. I'm not usually than in to sneakers but those where pretty dope I must say. But that may just be because how insanely good you style them 🙂

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