*MUST SEE* Sneaker Store with SUPER RARE Collection + Surprises!!

*MUST SEE* Sneaker Store with SUPER RARE Collection + Surprises!!


  1. lmao ya know the roche run came before the yeezy right

  2. Qias I have those fresh prince in a size 10.5 that are vnds. I’ll sell them to u for under retail if u want

  3. Basic ass store

  4. Where is sneakerheads be like

  5. The fix kicks has no options unless you’re a Jordan guy but if u want newest sneaker then they’ll never have it

  6. Gaming with Yonas

    wish i could afford the witherspoons 🙁

  7. waste of time, too much personal talking.

  8. Rosh run

  9. Qias doesn’t know shoes man…. “Nerfs” Lol not even close

  10. Mina is giving you a hint to shave your shit…

  11. 8:44 I swear if my girl ever says some shit like that

  12. 20 types of hypebeast

  13. Minas the biggest gold digger I swear!!

  14. People really collecting toys now lol

  15. why didn't you come to solestage at valley fair???

  16. great series, loving the new content

  17. bring O L D Q I ASS back!!!!!!!!!

  18. It’s gonna end after 7, or 8 like sneaker heads be like

  19. A grown ass man buying some stupid toys…

  20. Bait has pops.

  21. Valley Fair is trash lol come on all the nice malls you’ve been too haha

  22. 20types of sneakerheads

  23. Legend has it .., now I don’t know if this is true but legend has it that Quais is out there in someone’s closest filming there shoe collection still

  24. Hey Qias, could you do an under $100 sneaker compilation and a list of top10 white sneakers and top 10 colorwaved sneaks. #sneakerdon

  25. Haters propaganda
    Qias- “get em off the show”

  26. “No it’s a hunt” I felt that.

  27. Store visit starts at 2:57

  28. You talk to much I skip about half of the video every time cause u talk too much

  29. 20 types of sneakerheads

  30. 1 like = BLAZENDARY

    1 COMMENT = qrewTV


  31. I dont see how you can be married and not live together, my boy dont even have his ring on

  32. sixringslegends riverside ca

  33. That shirt makes you look fatter

  34. You should do one at urban necessities

  35. Qias bro them was grape 5s

  36. It’s wotherspoon not weatherspoon

  37. Alejandro Amariles

    20 types of sneakerheads

  38. The channel use to be better when you just uploaded norma lvlog and not talk about sneakers the whole video and upload sneakers videos in qrewkick.

  39. Go to Index in portland

  40. What happened to mag park and Mickey lol?

  41. Damm 10/10 hope i can ever go there looks dope qias

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