1. Centrall Montreal!!!!!

  2. I’m gonna need you to come check out House of Sin in San Antonio, Texas

  3. why did he tell everyone he was filming with shareff but never did

  4. I go to that store and I never seen anyone get greeted lml they was just be doing that cause u went to their store and so u can see the good things they do even tho they dont

  5. Index Portland OR

  6. Sneakerflee

  7. How do u get the yezzez

  8. Yeah qias

  9. Nojo kicks-Detroit MI
    Burn rubber-royal oak MI
    Loose cannon-Ferndale MI
    Former vintage-royal oak MI

  10. Video starts @15:51

  11. My mans is out here wearing purses wtf

  12. Is there a hoops game at sneaker con London??

  13. This series will be litt

  14. you should visit the ligma shop in LA

  15. This was a great video!!!

  16. One of the best Youtuber!

  17. Azthread

  18. Azthread

  19. Azthread

  20. Azthread

  21. Azthread

  22. Solefoodkicks va beach

  23. enzo atoy ukitnam

    content comeback

  24. jowadfares tutoruls

    Deadstock Milwaukee just opened

  25. Hypetrade
    In Copenhagen ( Denmark )

  26. that fucking sound when u put the name of the sneaker in the video is fking annoying

  27. mint sf grails.sf

  28. Trap Boutique-Dallas

  29. St street sneakers Dublin

  30. Subscribe to my channel

  31. Also a good way to make a series like this is to get 5 or so customers coming out the store who have purchased something and there and get their opinion on price point,availability and a big one is customer service that way you it’s real and genuine because if they know what you are doing they will make sure they step it up a level especially for Qias or someone who has a big following let the people see how some of these stores really are

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